No apologies blunder: Harmon says sorry

No apologies blunder: Harmon says sorry
After more than a month of being absent from the public eye, Minister of State Joseph Harmon has returned to the public scene and is apologizing for a comment he made regarding the increase of salaries for Government Ministers.

Harmon on October 6 had made it pellucid that he had “no apologies” to offer to anyone who felt offended by the Government’s decision to increase the salaries of Officials.

The statement from Harmon has been described as “reckless” and caused public outcry with citizens opining that they had been wronged by the Government.

At a post cabinet press briefing on Friday, he was however singing a different tune.

“In the event that the Guyanese people, if they felt hurt or offended by it, I would say I apologize to the Guyanese people not to the PPP because I don’t think that they deserve it,” Harmon stated.

He recalled the circumstances under which the statement was made and added that it was in response to concerns by the PPP.

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