National Chess Championship playoff set for Wednesday at Ocean Spray Hotel

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
CM Taffin Khan and Loris Nathoo

The Ocean Spray International Hotel will host the rapid playoff on Wednesday,December 20th 2023 between top finalists and senior chess players Loris Nathoo(1703) and Candidate Master Taffin Khan (2005), both vying for the National OpenChess Champion title.

The confrontation begins at 17:30hrs sharp after a coin toss by TournamentDirector Mr Irshad Mohamad to determine who gets the white pieces and playsfirst in the initial three-game match.

A ticking electronic chess clock will countdown the time allotted to each playerunder strict tournament conditions in the presence of the Tournament Arbiter.The first game can last a maximum of 30 minutes while the second and thirdanother 30, totaling 60 minutes for three games in the fast-paced encounter.

Yet, if a tie still results, Khan and Nathoo will enter the sudden death stage and beallotted a meagre 5 minutes each in another three-game contest.

The face-off between the two would characterize an intense battle of cunning andstrategy over the chessboard to achieve majority wins and secure the SeniorNational Champion title for 2023.

The playoff games will be live-streamed as well.

The GAICO-sponsored National Open Chess Championship ended recently withNathoo and Khan emerging with a tied score, triggering a playoff to determine thenext Senior National Champion. GAICO has been a long-time sponsor of NationalChess competitions and has earned the gratitude of the entire chess communityfor their unwavering support over the years.

The Guyana Chess Federation (GCF), extends its sincerest thanks to theManagement and Staff of Ocean Spray Hotel for facilitating the playoff andgranting the use of its facilities at short notice.