NA Prison escapee apprehended in Suriname after 5 years

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

Rameshwar Prakash, a 25-year-old previously-convicted Guyanese national, was apprehended in Suriname during a maritime operation in the early hours of Thursday after five years on the run.

The operation was conducted at sea by the Maritime Police in collaboration with the National Security Directorate (DNV) and the Paramaribo Regional Assistance Team, resulting in the arrest of Prakash and another suspect.

The operation stemmed from the theft of a fishing vessel from a dock on Anton Dragtenweg in Suriname, which occurred between Monday evening and Tuesday morning.

A subsequent investigation, led by DNV personnel, identified the perpetrators behind the theft of the SK boat.

After meticulous detective work, the stolen fishing boat was located at sea, leading to the joint task force conducting a successful raid. The operation culminated in the arrest of two individuals: Prakash, the escaped detainee, and Bayo M, 25.

Further investigation revealed that Rameshwar had absconded from the New Amsterdam Prison in Guyana along with 12 other inmates back in September 2019, while serving an 18-month sentence.

“Both suspects have been remanded to the Maritime Police for further interrogation. The vessel will be returned to its rightful owner following consultations with the Surinamese Public Prosecution Service,” stated Surinamese authorities.

Prakash’s escape prompted the dismissal of three prison officers from New Amsterdam Prison by the Guyana Prison Service.

Gladwin Samuels, former Acting Director of Prisons, had disclosed that the 13 male prisoners, accompanied by two female prison officers, were assigned to work at Arable B, located opposite the Prison Officers’ Club.

According to Samuels, Prakash, who was incarcerated for larceny, purportedly requested to use a restroom across the road and subsequently entered a residence used by one of the female officers, from where he absconded with $17,000 and an electronic tablet.

“Initial investigations indicate breaches of Standing Orders, resulting in the suspension of three officers pending further inquiry,” Samuels stated in an official release.

Numerous search teams, comprising Police ranks and prison officers, were dispatched to facilitate his recapture, albeit without success. Prakash’s last known address is listed as Lot 53, Princetown, Corentyne, Berbice. He was slated for release on June 20, 2020.