Mohamed’s Enterprise donates $3M to 17 NGOs

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
Nazar Mohamed, Proprietor of Mohamed’s Enterprise, and his son Azruddin pose with representatives of the beneficiary organisations

In keeping with what has been a more-than-decade-long tradition, proprietor of Mohamed’s Enterprise, Nazar Mohamed, has donated $3 million to 17 non-governmental organizations (NGOs), including orphanages and special needs foundations.

Among the beneficiaries are Shaheed Boys and Girls Orphanages, Help and Shelter, Enmore Orphanage; MoH Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Center, Joshua House Children’s Centre, Guyana Society for the Blind, Bait ur Rahman, St. John’s Bosco Orphanage, Guyana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Dharm Shala, Guyana Islamic Trust Relief Organization, Gifted Hands Learning Center For Special Needs, St Barabas Special School, David Rose School for the Handicapped, MET Pride Academy, and Diamond Special Needs School.

Cheques were presented to the various representatives during a simple ceremony held at the company’s Lombard Street, Georgetown office; where, during brief remarks, Nazar Mohamed expressed satisfaction with the role each of the organisations plays in society, and commended the various staff members for their dedication and hard work.

Sharing his struggle of growing up in a less fortunate family, Mohammed explained that giving back to the most vulnerable is something that he and his family take pride in doing.

“I always use to look at my parents, who have been a tremendous example to me, because they were not rich people by any means. My grandfather, he built an extra room so people in those days — I’m from Essequibo, and people use to travel with the bus, and would have to overnight close to the stelling — so people can go there, they can fresh up and go onward on their journey to joining the ferry…,” he detailed.

“Nothing really matters to me: personal wealth doesn’t matter to me; personal gratification doesn’t matter to me, you know. My whole objective in life is to touch the heart of someone, bring smiles to someone, bring people out of poverty, whether by a kind word, whether by a little help,” Mohammed stated.

Mohammed said his hope is that the financial aid given would assist the respective organizations to further provide care for the vulnerable. He noted that the work they do is truly profound, and has major influence on the lives of many youths.

“I’ve usually looked at vulnerable people, vulnerable homes, where one person can inspire a whole generation. You know, one poor person who you can help to give them a little education, and they can be a nurse, or they can be a teacher, and they can inspire that whole generation to go to school to learn to achieve, and bring them out of a situation where the other generation can follow,” he explained.

Further, he reiterated that the Mohammed family would continue to assist the less fortunate and those in need with the wealth that has been bestowed on them by God Almighty.

The recipients thanked the businessman for his incredible support over the years, and wished his family the best for the season.