Letter: The election fraud trial can now proceed expeditiously

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
Top row, from left – Volda Lawrence, Keith Lowenfield, Denise Babb-Cummings, and Michelle Miller. Bottom row, from left – Enrique Livan, Sheffern February, Clairmont Mingo, and Carol Smith-Joseph [Some of the individuals facing charges in relation to electoral fraud]

Dear Editor,

The much talked about election fraud case is soon to begin, and the infamous rigging crew are about to be tried. There is no stopping us now, the people would like those persons who belligerently tried to steal, the word I prefer to use is “thief,” an entire country by fraudulently converting our votes to their benefit, summarily tried and sentenced for that dastardly act.

Now that the brazen election petition has been thrown out, it makes the way clear for the court to proceed with the trial. I guess those charged held out hopes that the frivolous and vexatious election petition case would have been upheld by a generally compromised Court of Appeal, however, there was a turn of events in this case, as good sense prevailed and a decision based on purely legal principles was upheld and not the disgraceful political decisions of previous years. It shows that our court system has been emancipated and elevated.

This trial is a simple one, which in simplistic terms, ought to be dealt with tactfully and expeditiously. Questions such as;

1. Where are the SoPs for Region 4, and why weren’t these figures used in the declaration?2. What was the reason behind Enrique Livan’s disappearance from the verification process, only later to be found sneakily in a room falsifying figures on his computer?3. Where did Mingo get his figures from?4. Where did Lowenfield get his figures from?5. Whose signatures are on the certificate of declaration? Were these persons employees of GECOM? Greater still, isn’t the signature to be affixed to the final declaration the sole duty of the Elections Commission Chairwoman?

These, and other pertinent questions should engage the attention of the court, and from which definitive answers must be given. The point I am making is that never again should this foolishness of rigging raise its ugly head, ever! Within 72 hours a fair, transparent and honest result must be declared to this nation, Guyana must join the worldwide league of nations where democracy must be heard and felt throughout the length and breadth of this country.

That being said, I must reiterate the point that this wicked device of the PNC was not carried out against the PPP/C, far from it, what it tried to achieve was to make a fool out of a rational thinking electorate, something that the people of this country do not take lightly. In this regard, we demand a speedy trial with the commensurate punishment administered to the miscreants. Long live a free and united Guyanese society!

Respectfully,Neil Adams