Letter: President Ali, First Lady want the best for Guyana

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
President Dr Irfaan Ali and First Lady Arya Ali

Dear Editor,

In Guyana, we say, “Good things come to those who wait.” Amid the festive season, Guyanese are much relieved as they go about their preparation for the holidays. Guyana’s “Father Christmas,” President Dr Irfaan Ali, has managed to give the precious gift of love, as he shares it with the invaluable package of peace and non-violence. These priceless ingredients have encouraged the generosity of giving and sharing, after our goodly neighbour had threatened the peace and sanctity of the holiday.

The ever-considerate and thoughtful person that he is, President Ali has pledged to ensure that the safety, security, and success of this nation are guaranteed, and will always be treated with priority since he was sworn-in to power in 2020. The welfare of the Guyanese nation is forever close to his heart.

Christmas was stolen in 2018 and 2019 by the “Grinchier.” President Ali brought back cheer in 2020 to allay the fears and wipe away the tears of the Guyanese people. After Scrooge had removed bonuses from the shelf, the bonus is again part and parcel of the PPP/C Party and Government holiday package. The going was rough, but the tough fought a cruel battle to come out victorious.

Guyanese say, “Easy lesson good for dunce.” The month of December is synonymous with election in the minds of Guyanese. One of CARICOM’s “Three Wise Men”, who brokered the 1998 Herdmanston Agreement after the impasse of the December 1997 General Elections in Guyana, Sir Shridath Ramphal, a former Commonwealth Secretary-General and Attorney-General of Guyana, had written: “It is utterly regrettable that, despite the highest-level agreement between the political leaders of Guyana and five CARICOM Heads of Government acting for the Community, the invited CARICOM team to oversee the recount of the votes has had to withdraw. Guyana is being deprived of regional and international approval and the opportunity for global respect at a time when it matters most.”

The dark hours of Guyana’s 2020 General and Regional Elections still haunt the sober ones. President Ali kept his cool, and the hot-tempered losers lost their calm. The battle of brain over brawn was eventual and eventful, and became evident and eminent. After the Election Petition #88 appeal was dismissed by the Guyana Court of Appeal this week, will the arrogant advocates of lurid lawlessness, facetious frivolity and vicious vexation learn any lesson?

Another Guyanese saying has merit: “If you cannot hear, you must feel.” Guyana always has a plaster for every sore, especially since the new Health Minister took over in that daredevil year of 2020, when this country was, for five agonizing months, held under siege by a band of outlaws led by a sanctimonious gangster! It was a year when nefarious delinquents ran amok, knowing the sad reality was that they were convincingly trashed and lost the general election. Those poorly schooled mathematicians tried numerous times to swear-in a president who was “fit and prapa” to rule by foul means, and not fair means. Those squanderers reluctantly then decided to scrape the bottom of the barrel, scrap the search for a ‘might is right’ takeover, and secretly surrender, much to the annoyance of their compadres in disagreement.

Members of a losing party, soured and bruised, licked their wounds and cowered, knowing that they would not enjoy the Presidential post anytime in a hurry, or in the near future.A Guyanese proverb shines the light at the end of the tunnel: “Moon a run til day ketch am.” This doctors the doctrine of “the arm of the law is long.” The former administration tried a lot of “jiggery pokery” methods, but their methodology of “Burnham Magic” didn’t work. The US sanctions finally shook them up, and awoke them to a sudden, sad, and severe reality. Their desperate days were numbered, and their sleepless nights couldn’t hide their disappointment!

The heavy boots kicked in, and a begrudged league of dauntless participants caved in to subdue the result of a long-lasting and legitimate battle. Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali was sworn-in as Guyana’s tenth President on 2nd August 2020, to lead the administration of the PPP/C Party to govern this land for the next term. All hell broke loose for the bewildered party who fell flat on its face. The battle was won, but the war continued.

Guyanese warn, “When a bird fly too fast, he does pass the nest.” Selfishness dominated the rulers from 2015 to 2020. Dubbed the “Iron Lady” by a Soviet journalist, Margaret Thatcher, the United Kingdom’s first female Prime Minister, who ruled from 1979 to 1990, had remarked, “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.” The PPP/C Party faced an uphill battle when it began to administer in 2020. A raped, ravaged and ruined Treasury was the sad reality.

Missing records added to the chaos and confusion. The spread of the hate and race disease poisoned a society nurtured by greed and grouse by a grotesque party, who had vengeance on their agenda because they were left out in the cold.

The ugly face of violence instigated by opportunists surfaced to disrupt peace and stability. But President Ali survived, and reigned in law and order to curb the ambitious band of rebels. The presence of the then US Secretary of State Colin Powell helped to restore faith and confidence in Guyana, relying on a youthful administration presided by a mature and seasoned leader, Dr. Ali.

In Guyana, they say, “You can’t keep a good man down.” President Dr. Irfaan Ali rose to international prominence and became the “Man for all Seasons.” It was the goodwill of integrity, the reputation of honour, and the prevalence of dignity on which the PPP/C Party rode out the storm embroiled in lies, propaganda and tongue-twisting by dangerous dementors.

Favourable weather fathoms the fashion of Dr. Ali, whose familiar face has been featured to make him famous and a welcoming personality to grace any occasion. In Guyana, peace, progress and prosperity will always prevail to light up the spirit of the festive season as long as you have a few good men and women like President Ali and First Lady Arya Ali, who will forever want the best for Guyana and Guyanese.

Season’s greetings, and do have a safe and happy holiday, Guyana.

Yours respectfully,Jai Lall