Letter: GuySuCo in the news again for the wrong reasons

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

Dear Editor,

The sugar entity is in the news again. One report gives a detailed account of how an estate overpaid two contractors. Cash-strapped but overpayment, the outcome due to poor decisions. It has to be wondered whether this is how the frequent cash injections into the industry are being managed. One manager resigned after the report recommended disciplinary action against him and others.

Another report tells of the downing of tools by workers at a different estate, with fingers pointing in a certain direction as to responsibility, as their substantive work could no longer be supported, even though alternative work on the estate was found for them (INews August 28).

While the workers’ claims and concerns seem reasonable, there is a theme running through their cries: it appears the workers are not amenable to stepping out of their comfort zone to try different types of work. They are set in their ways, and are opposed to any work or challenges outside of what they know or have been doing for a long time. Hence the current situation.

It must be recognised and accepted that the work of the organisation is bigger than the employee, and it is the organisation which makes the ultimate decision on worker utilisation.

The sugar entity is in the news again for the wrong reasons.

Sincerely,Shamshun Mohamed