Letter: Everyone must respect the law – the Paul Slowe fiasco

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

Dear Editor,

I watched with great amusement, the theatrical display of former Commissioner of Police Paul Slowe when confronted by the members of the Special Organised Crime Unit on the issue of a warrant for his arrest. They were there to carry out an order for his arrest on certain serious charges for which Slowe should have been in the jurisdiction, but he chose to do otherwise.

Paul Slowe was in contempt of the Laws of Guyana which stipulate that he present himself in a court of law within a specific time, not in a time that he decides.

And this is the problem that the law has with persons of the likes of a Paul Slowe, he has to realise that our country is governed by laws, something that he has to respect. He has to have it all cleared up in his mind that the law is not at his convenience, he cannot, and I repeat, he cannot turn up whenever he pleases. So, in my book, the SOCU officers had every right to arrest him.

And if Slowe is not aware of this fact, I shall refresh his memory, the GPF and by extension the SOCU officers were under no obligation to shy away from arresting him, those officers were well within their rights. So, him quoting some nonsense that he was not aware of the charges against him or let the officers speak to his lawyers, the point is the officers were not there to speak to a lawyer but there to arrest him. The law is the law and must be respected at all times.

Feigning ignorance of the officers who were there to arrest him was another ludicrous tactic of his, because soon after Paul Slowe was seen on a political programme recounting the events and the names of all the officers who were there, so it shows clearly this guy is intricately political as is his fancy footwork around the facts.

Then, I would again refresh Slowe’s recollection, that Dr Ashni Singh who is the former Finance Minister in the Ramotar Government, was also charged and shackled, because he too was outside the jurisdiction when the arrest warrant was issued. So, I do not know what Slowe was complaining about, maybe he was fantasising with the thought that being a former Assistant Police Commissioner somehow gave him immunity from prosecution, well he is ever so wrong!

What he needs to understand is that under a reformed GPF everyone is equal under the law until otherwise stated.

Neil Adams