Letter: Duties and taxes in motor vehicles

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

Dear Editor,

While I stand by the goal of improving transportation accessibility for all Guyanese, I must express my growing concern regarding the current structure of duties and taxes levied on motor vehicles.

The current tiered system, while attempting to offer some level of affordability, ultimately hinders the very aspiration it aims to promote. The high rates disproportionately burden average Guyanese citizens, forcing them to choose between newer, safer vehicles and financial security. This, in essence, creates a classed society where ownership translates to the ability to afford a potentially unsafe, older car.

Furthermore, the system’s complexity in calculating these costs is a cause for frustration. The lack of transparency and justification for these exorbitant rates only exacerbates the feeling of unfairness amongst the citizenry.

It is particularly disheartening to witness expats and a significant portion of the political class benefitting from exemptions on these very costs. This fuels the perception of a system rigged against the very people it should serve.

Therefore, I propose a thorough reassessment of the current duty and tax structure for motor vehicles. We must prioritise affordability and safety while ensuring a transparent and fair system for all Guyanese.

I am confident that by working together with relevant stakeholders, including industry experts and citizens, we can create a system that promotes responsible vehicle ownership, improves road safety, and aligns with the vision of a nation where prosperity is attainable for all.

I’m looking forward to discussing these concerns further.

Sincerely,Hemraj Kissoon