Letter: Aubrey Norton has real problems that he cannot solve

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton

Dear Editor,

Aubrey Norton is in desperation mode and evidence of that is well before him, he is worried sick about his future both as a political leader of his party and as a politician. Because not being the leader of the party means it is the end of his tether, finito! He is not welcomed in his party, evidence being only 30% of the electorate in The PNC supported him being the leader of the party in the last party elections. When a man can only muster 30% of the electorate speaks volumes, which is quite clear that he is an unwelcomed figure within that APNU/PNC/PNCR, whatever you would like to call it, messed up grouping. Even more distressing is the fact that among that 30% support base, they are deserting him one by one. Poor Norton, is in a quandary, of what to do and how to do it.

With the recent No-confidence motion served on him he is on the ropes, if not down on his knees, wounded, and crying out for help. But he is not going down on the canvas just yet, because he has resorted to the usual PNC strategy of selecting a soft target to pick on in order to survive. He has picked on the party’s treasurer Mursaline, he is the culprit. Let us portray him as another Charandass in our midst, turn the searchlight on him, he is the snitch.

Well, of course, that move will get some traction within a party that has an abhorrence for the Indian, pick on the defenseless Indian as the reason behind the party’s poor showing. So, Mursaline has to take the fall for his outspoken bit on being a signatory to blank cheques, therefore the setup is complete in that leaked conversation between Mahipaul and the “sympathetic Forde” in that taping. It was all meant to cast blame on the weakest of the weak in the party.

So, in quick succession Mursaline recanted his position and recalled his resignation letter, coming up with all the platitudes he can muster saying he and Mr Norton are “good buddies” and it was a miscalculation on his part that he offered to resign. But what Mursaline must realize is that the deed is done, and the matter is way out in the open.

Whether his recantation would result in a resumption of party funding, only time will tell, but from the looks of things The North American financial support base is badly damaged.They said that if you hit a man in his pocket he is hit hardest, and this is what is happening right now. The PNC Party is cash-strapped, the lack of funds is taking a toll on the party, and the coffers are drying up. Funds that flowed from the main Indian racial grouping in the North have all but ceased, so things are not going well for the party. The Black Financial Supporters have also run into difficulties with one languishing in prison and the other on the run from Interpol, The PNC is in real trouble!

With the drought in funds comes the party’s negative image, relations on all fronts are awful. So to regain some standing, whatever little there is, there is the widespread opinion that the party leader must go and go now!

Respectfully,Neil Adams