Letter: All pornographic and violent gaming websites should be blocked in Guyana

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

Dear Editor,

We seriously need to pay attention to what our kids are exposed to on the internet. It is almost clear now that all these pornographic and violent gaming websites have gotten a hold on a majority of our children.

All these websites can easily be accessed by our children, who are so knowledgeable with these smartphones. Every turn you make today, you see a child with a smartphone, and some parents are very proud of it. The use of these smartphones is even affecting the workplace.

Some teachers are also abusing the use of cell phones during school hours, since most of our schools have Internet access, leaving classes unattended. Some of our children are capitalising on this situation and doing their own thing.

Today families are being destroyed just because they misuse their cell phones on the wrong websites, unfaithfulness steps in from either side, and leads to murders and suicides. While some parents are trying their best to manage the situation, some are joining in with their kids, not understanding what will be the outcome.

So, I want to encourage the Government of Guyana to analyse this situation and urgently address it. These dirty and filthy websites need to be blocked and removed from our domain, so that our society can return to some form of normality.

Thank you,
Anthony Welaidum