Letter: A pandemic of robberies

Dear Editor,

There is another pandemic, and it is bourgeoning on our shoreline. I am speaking of the pandemic of robberies.

Well, frankly speaking, it is not a new phenomenon by any stretch of the imagination whenever you are talking about Region 4, or when Georgetown comes into focus.
“Thiefing”, as we commonly call it, has long been a perennial problem in this geographical portion of our country, therefore it comes as nothing new to us. A daily occurrence of this disgraceful exercise is what we are faced with whenever we visit the urban locale.

While some of us are appalled by the actions of this disreputable bunch, others are enamoured and encouraged by them, they see this group of despicable persons as a reservoir into which they can tap whenever they hit the road in violent protests, at least so it seems.

Then you will hear of these groups of individuals roaming around to choke, shoot, kill and rob at will, driving fear and instability in the hearts of the populace.
Now, there is a recent CCTV camera footage circulating, which shows an innocent man being robbed at knifepoint by one of these lost “city boys.” The incident took place right before the very eyes of many bystanders, who just sat there and did nothing. It tells me that this “urban mafia” is very much organised in the city. Interesting!

As it stands, this matter is robbery with the use of a deadly weapon, and in the eyes of the Police, this matter could be easily solved, once the usual crime-fighting strategies are put in place. However, my concern is with the uproar that would be created if a passing Police patrol were to come upon the scene of such a robbery and apprehend the perpetrator. Worst yet, if he were shot and injured by the Police. Then, in the ensuing circumstances, the entire complexity of the matter changes.

You are certain to hear comments like, “Why did that gentleman walk there?” “Why walk with valuables in that part of the city?” Or, “Why walk around with an expensive cell phone? Isn’t he aware that those quarters are not for people to walk?”
Statements that all speak to the conviction that it is the victim’s fault that he was violently assaulted and robbed.

Even more shocking would be the derogatory remarks made of the Police, which might run like this: “Why are the Police picking on the boys, and not going after the political criminals in power?” And if he were shot, “Why didn’t the Police handcuff him and take him down to the station?”, “Why are they shooting at Black youths, seems like Black lives don’t matter to the Police?” All of this coming from persons who were not there and are devoid of the complexity of the matter under consideration. This is how this situation would have metamorphosed into a racial and political affair.

it is amazing how some matters can easily be transformed into mass political protest, while others of equal magnitude are quickly downplayed. This tells us quite clearly how certain political operatives go about their cheap subversive campaign to destabilise a country. That political crew is certainly using the gutter politics “by any means necessary” to gain political mileage.

I am calling on all involved to keep politics and race out of crime fighting. It would do us no good, nor would it help in any way to bring crime under control in our country. We are all in this thing together; let us come together for the good of our country.

Neil Adams