Knocking in Buccoo Reef’s engine puts vessel on dry dock

The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

The Buccoo Reef fast ferry. FILE PHOTO –

A mechanical issue on the Buccoo Reef fast ferry forced the vessel to return to the Port of Port of Spain on Monday morning.

The vessel left the port at 8 am but by 8.49 am, just as it veered off near Chacachacare island, it turned around to make its way back to Trinidad.

By 10 am the vessel seemed as if it was drifting back to port.

Port Authority TT chairman Lyle Alexander confirmed the incident when Newsday contacted him, but he was unable to give specific details of the issue.

National Infrastructure Development Company Ltd (Nidco) chairman Herbert George said a knock in one of the engines caused mechanical staff to raise an alarm.

He added, “Given the knock that was experienced and the indication that such a knock would have on other parts of the engine, it was decided that the sailing should be aborted and the vessel should be returned to port to have the problem diagnosed and sorted out before the vessel can be returned to service.

“Until we have resolved the problem and have the Buccoo Reef returned to service; we will have to depend on the APT James to do those sailings per day. As it is now we are going to check it out to see what has caused the problem to determine what is the fix to have it done as quickly as possible, so the Buccoo Reef can be reinstated.”

He said Nidco will issue another release on what caused the knocking, the repairs needed, and how soon the vessel would return to service. “We don’t anticipate that it would be too long before we can fix the problem and have the service restored.”

In a release sent out to the media just after noon, Nidco said all sailings of the Buccoo Reef were cancelled. Hence, passengers were accommodated on the APT James at 3 pm sailing.