Katt Williams Returns Fire To Ludacris With Freestyle On Suge Knight’s Podcast

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Comedian Katt Williams has responded to rapper Ludacris with a diss track released on Wednesday morning.

The diss track was released on Suge Knight’s Collect Call podcast, which addressed Katt Williams’ relationship with Suge, the comedian’s recent interview on Club Shay Shay going viral, and the talk of the prison Suge is in.

Williams appeared as a guest on the show, summarising the reactions to the podcast where the comedian went to town as he exposed many celebrities in Hollywood, including Ludacris and his wife, who was involved with the Illuminati.

Ludacris had also dissed the comedian in a freestyle over Kanye West’s “Devil In a New Dress.”

In his interview with Suge Knight, the comedian and the former label boss talk about their past friendship turned beef and hinted that they are now on good terms, having settled their dispute.

At the 20-minute mark, Katt Williams, who appears to be in the studio, plays the diss track, which starts with a clip of Mike Epps, before going into the verses calling Ludacris “bicurious” and claiming that he slept with Quincy Jones.

“I’m coming for your number one spot, one of us a killer and the other one is not/ One of us the realest and the other one a fraud,” Katt’s opening verse says.

He continues, “Oh Chris, I wish it never came to this/And you pissed, rap for free for the first time but you dissin’ this/The wrong side of history in a time like this/So Ludacris/Sorry, Uterus/You were infant chronicles, n***a, you ain’t new to this.”

He also slammed Luda with a fast and furious referenced rapping, “In real life, I’m Fast and Furious/In real life, you bi-curious/ got a fast car but you hit the median another body of body by comedian,” he rapped.

He also called out Ludacris for not denying that the allegations he made about him and his wife being in a cult were false.

“You heard the interview on ‘Club Shay Shay,’ I gave ’em all a payday/I’m still going fu**ing viral so who care what the haters say/ Ludacris, you must be out your rabbit-a*s mind/ You made a rap song but, n***a, you ain’t say I’m f**king lying,” the comedian rapped.

In the meantime, social media users reacted to the diss track.

“He sound a mess but yall gonna lie lol,” one person commented on Instagram. Another wrote, “This is hilarious cause he not a rapper at all. To call this ni*** a sorry uterus is beyond me.”

“Y’all better leave Katt alone. Y’all seen how he did da Young Gunz. We ain’t heard from dem ni***s since,” another said.