Jamaicans stand with Usain Bolt during difficult time Loop Barbados

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

Jamaicans are rallying behind retired Olympic champion Usain Bolt to have US $12 million returned to him from Stocks and Securities Limited [SSL].

Jamaicans ?? everywhere stands with you. You have made us so proud to be apart of such a diverse and dynamic country.

Bolt who was reportedly among more than 20 persons whose funds were recently fleeced by the investment firm is currently in the process of trying to re-acquire the missing funds.

Under a photo posted to his social media on Wednesday, January 18 hundreds of Jamaicans have reached out in the comments to assure the former track star that they will “stand” with him.

“We love and respect you…you have done so much for our country. And have made Jamaicans home and abroad proud. We stand with you and we feel your pain. Justice will be served,” said one person.

Many others who achieved probably just a half of what you did, left for other countries. You decided to stay

Another person who professed that Bolt has made them proud to be Jamaican said that they will be sharing this burden with him “in more ways than just words”.

“Jamaicans ?? everywhere stands with you. You have made us so proud to be a part of such a diverse and dynamic country. The pride you showed while representing our nation can never be forgotten and we share this burden with you in more ways than just words. We can never know how you are feeling now but when we put ourselves in your shoes it’s just disheartening.”

One person also pointed to the fact that following his success, Bolt has always opted to stay in Jamaica while doing commendable things for his country.

“Many others who achieved probably just a half of what you did, left for other countries. You decided to stay and has been doing commendable things for your country. It irks my soul to see the indescribable injustice that has been inflicted on you. However, despite all that, you have remained graceful and composed. I fervently hope that you will be able to recoup your money (for which you worked extremely hard) and be able to regain your peace of mind. You are resilient, ambitious and hardworking and will continue to be an ambassador of goodwill????”

Other persons also took to comments to question the actions of the Prime Minister and heads of government following this fraudulent activity from SSL.

“The pride you carry to ink this paradise and treasure called JAMAICA.. with your RESILIENCE..it’s SHAMEFUL our Prime Minister.. and heads of government said nothing to date about this criminal act that was done to you.Mr. Andrew Holness PM & Olivia Bobby’s Grange who popularized to celebrate your success, should be instrumental to assure your hard earnings never loss a penny, as a result of SSL and the organization theft of our living historian, legend, icon, world fastest man. Sir Usain St Leo Lighting Bolt….” one person argued.

“I cannot believe what I heard about SSL fraudulent activity regarding Usain Bolt retirement funds. The worst part of this is that the Jamaican prime minister nor its government along with the minister of finance has not intervene and open any investigation. This seems very suspicious. This young man has given and done more for Jamaica than any other person or combine personnel. This is a shame and disgrace,” added another.