“I didn’t think I was smart enough” – NGSA top performer says self-confidence now boosted

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

Paris Timmerman

By: Amar Persaud

Tying at second place at this year’s NGSA were Deja Datt and Paris Timmerman with 523 marks.

Paris, who attended the Chateau Margot Primary School, said she wants to become an accountant. She told reporters that she never imagined being among the top performers of the country.

“I didn’t expect I would get this, I worked very hard but I didn’t think that I was that smart enough, but surprisingly I got this…now I’m getting more confident,” Paris said.

The young lady explained that the materials provided by the Ministry of Education greatly assisted her in her studies.

“I also utilised the Ministry of Education’s platforms like Quiz me, WizKids and The Guyana Learning Channel and they all played an instrumental role in my studying,” she noted.

Paris also advised the next NGSA candidates to ensure they focus on their studies.

“Work very hard at studying and put down the phones for now, because you’ve got one opportunity to do this and put your best foot into it, have no regrets,” Paris said.