Haslington ‘Wash Bay’ owner arrested after ‘air gun’ found in bus

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
The air gun found in the bus at the wash bay

At around 20:50hrs Friday night, acting on information received, a Deputy Superintendent and a party of Police ranks went to Haslington/Enmore Front, East Coast Demerara, where they contacted a 37-year-old Wash Bay owner.

A motor bus, BAC 140, which was at the Wash Bay and had just been washed, was searched in the Wash Bay owner’s presence, and one suspected firearm was found under the driver seat of the bus.

The Wash Bay owner was told of the suspicion, cautioned and claimed the said bus was brought to his wash bay by a man (name unknown) to wash. The man reportedly left the bus in his care and custody and went away.

The suspected firearm, the Wash Bay owner and the bus were escorted to Cove and John Police Station. The suspected firearm was further examined and found to be an air gun.Investigations are ongoing.