GWI mulls doubling 18,000 e-billing customers by year-end

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
Commercial Services and Customer Relations Director Andrea Khan

…automated meter reading app now developed

Evolving from its traditional approach of handling customers and complaints, Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) is urging stakeholders to get on board with its e-billing services.

Director of Commercial Services and Customer Relations, Andrea Khan pointed out that over 18,000 persons utilise the system, which is paperless and sports a higher efficiency. The aim is to double its e-billing customer base by the end of 2022.

“We are taking a more aggressive approach towards our e-billing platforms. We currently have approximately 18,700 customers who have subscribed to receive e-bills. We’re looking to double this amount by the end of this year…We’re going to encourage customers to share their email addresses along with account numbers to us through our various forms of contact,” said Khan.

She added, “It will be timely. It’s paperless and it allows customers to budget their expenses. If you receive a bill on time, it means that you put GWI as your priority when it comes to your bill payments.”

With this mechanism, customers will no longer have to wait for the physical bills to be delivered to their homes. When the deadline for every month’s payment comes, they will receive an email detailing their balance to be paid, water consumption and other details found on the standard bill.

Meanwhile, the company has also relaunched its app. The GWI app allows customers to view their account balance, submit meter readings and report leakages. Persons can also seek a payment agency by location.

“We are utilising technology to improve our efficiency. We are relaunching our GWI Customer Application. This app will improve our billing efficiency, GWI’s response to complaints as well as offer convenience to our customers.”

Other ways for customers to contact GWI are the call centre, website, and social media. A WhatsApp chatbot is also in the developmental stages. Meanwhile, their team has developed a meter reading application.

“This will be used by our meter reading personnel to obtain meter readings in a fast, accurate and efficient manner. This will reduce any errors that may occur when a meter reader has to manually write or enter into the system, a meter reading. The process will now be automated,” the Director outlined.

This latest system will reduce estimated billings, allowing customers to pay for their actual consumption.

Executive Director of Operations, Jawaharlall Ramjug shared that GWI has also redeveloped the leakage management application for reports.

“This app will give the customer the ability to report a leak in real-time, live from their smartphone whether you’re connected to the internet at the moment or not. Wherever you see a GWI complaint, whether it is a low pressure, leak, contaminated water, or any operational issue, you’d be able to take a picture of the problem. The location will be georeferenced once your location is on,” Ramjug explained.

A dashboard will be monitoring the reports once it reaches the company, after which technicians will be dispatched.