Guyanese man shot dead after attacking, injuring Policeman in Suriname

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

A 29-year-old Surinamese Police officer is now under close arrest after he reportedly shot and killed a Guyanese man between Saturday evening and Sunday morning. The shooting incident reportedly stemmed from an argument at a party on Grandostraat, a side street of Kwattaweg, Paramaribo.

The dead man has been identified as Roy “M” also called “Junior”. Reports coming out of Guyana’s eastern neighbour suggested that the now dead man attacked the policeman with a weapon, thus causing him injuries to his head.

In retaliation, the Police officer reportedly discharged a round in the direction of the suspect which struck him to his body. He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. In addition, the policeman was reportedly admitted a patient at the hospital and is being treated for the head injuries.

Initially, the matter was being handled by the Kwatta Police Department but it was subsequently taken over by the Capital Offenses Department of the Surinamese Police for further investigation.

Just a few days ago, another Guyanese, 54-year-old Elan Zore of Bilawatra, Upper Saramacca, was shot dead by his wife’s cousin during an argument that escalated into a scuffle.

It was reported that the victim returned home and was engaged in woodworking. He reportedly spoke to the suspect about something he did wrong.

In retaliation, the suspect, who fled the scene, armed himself with a shotgun and fired two shots at the victim. Zore ran away, but after a while, the suspect returned and again fired at him. He died on the spot. The suspect has since gone into hiding.