Guyana can unite through yoga

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

The practice of yoga is one means by which Guyana, despite its differences and cultural diversities, can be untied. This is according to Indian High Commissioner to Guyana Dr Amit Shivkumar Telang.

To promote yoga, the Indian High Commission is trying to show how the art form can bring communities together. Together with the Swami Vivekananda Culture Centre, and in collaboration with the Sri Krishna Mandir of New Amsterdam, the High Commission held a yoga session on Saturday in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) to commemorate the 10th International Day of Yoga.

Indian High Commissioner to Guyana Dr Amit Telang

This event took the form of training and imparting knowledge. High Commissioner Telang explained that International Day of Yoga is more than promoting physical and mental health.

“It is important (to note) that when we bring something together, we are also bringing the society together. So, it is about unity, it is about brotherhood, and it is about bringing everyone together,” he explained. This year, marking the 10th International Day of Yoga was done under the theme “Yoga for Self and Society.”

Yoga, a transformative practice, represents the harmony of mind and body, the balance between thought and action, and the unity of restraint and fulfillment. It integrates the body, mind, spirit and soul, offering a holistic approach to health and well-being that brings peace to our hectic lives. Its power to transform is what is celebrated on this special day.

Yoga originated in India as an ancient physical, mental, and spiritual practice. The word ‘yoga’ is derived from Sanskrit, and means “to join or to unite”, symbolizing the union of body and consciousness. Today it is practised in various forms worldwide and continues to grow in popularity.

Recognising its universal appeal, the United Nations, on 11 December 2014, proclaimed June 21 as the International Day of Yoga. The appeal was a collaborative effort between the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Government of India to help people stay active and healthy.

High Commissioner Telang pointed out that, like Guyana, India is also a multi-religious, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-lingual society, but despite the differences, its people are all united.

“It is also the same case here in Guyana, where everyone has to come together with the spirit of brotherhood, the spirit of togetherness and unity, which makes the country strong,” he explained. “This is also a small way in which we contribute to the welfare of the society, and therefore this day is very special,” the High Commissioner added.