Gunmen escape with $13.4M cash, $6M in cheques from GTT Giftland outlet

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT) outlet at the Giftland Mall, Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown was on Thursday evening robbed by two armed men posing as security officers. The men escaped with $13,420,487 in cash and $6,015,524 in cheques.

The robbery reportedly occurred at about 21:45h by the two men who were dressed in the uniform used by a private security service that usually uplifts money from the outlet when it closes.

However, on the day in question, a 27-year-old employee explained that she and five other staff members were on duty, when the two suspects, wearing face masks fully dressed in the said security uniforms, approached her and checked the bags with the cash as per normal.

One of the suspects then went outside to the other staff members and brandished a handgun at them.

They were reportedly instructed to lie on the floor and without hesitation, they complied.

The other suspect who was in the supervisor’s room took out a handgun from the waist of his pants and also instructed her to go on the floor.

The suspects duct-taped the mouths of the staffer and locked them in the booth. The perpetrators then took the said cash mentioned, exited through a back door, made their way into the parking lot, entered a white Raum, and made good their escape.

A short while after, the staff members managed to free themselves and an alarm was raised but by that time the suspects had already left the scene. Several persons were questioned and statements were taken as investigations continue.