GMSA’s inaugural “Impack Manufacturers” Summit set for March 2024

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
GMSA President Ramsay Ali alongside PSC Chairman Komal Singh, GCCI President Kester Hutson, GMSA Executive Director Nizam Hassan and members of GMSA’s Board

The Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) on Monday launched the inaugural “GMSA IMPACK Manufacturers’ Summit”, scheduled for March 2024.

This landmark event will bring together major Caribbean players to address challenges and explore opportunities in various manufacturing sectors, with a focus on enhancing Guyana’s competitive edge in the region’s manufacturing landscape.

Among the attendees was the Chairman of the Private Sector Commission, Komal Singh; President of the GMSA, Ramsay Ali; President of the GCCI, Kester Hutson; members of GMSA’s board and other private sector representatives.

Chief Executive Officer of the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA), Dr Mahindra Ramdeen also attended the event virtually.

The Summit aims to position Guyana as a leading manufacturing hub in the Caribbean by fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and innovation among local and regional manufacturers.

It will tackle critical issues such as access to finance, supply chain, labour, energy efficiency, and government policies, to develop practical strategies that boost the competitiveness and sustainability of the manufacturing sector in Guyana and the broader Caribbean region.

“The summit presents a unique opportunity for local manufacturers to gain valuable insights, establish connections with regional counterparts, and explore potential partnerships that can drive growth and expansion.” President of GMSA, Ramsay Ali stated.

In addition, the President of GCCI, stated “We want to see real progress and effective implementation of the ideas and strategies discussed during the two-day event” while endorsing the summit and emphasised its role in fostering regional partnerships.

“This will provide an opportunity for deliberate conversations on policy and enable an environment that will cause businesses to grow in a sustainable manner,” he reaffirmed.Chairman of the PSC, also commended the GMSA for the bold initiative and also the summit’s potential to drive economic growth and diversification.

“I want to thank the GMSA for being bold and taking the initiative to develop the local manufacturing sector,” Singh added. Also expressing support for the summit, Dr. Ramdeen stated, “We are 100% behind the operationalization of this summit, and we anticipate that the outcomes will allow us to further facilitate trade among our member states and discuss how we can improve and encourage traders to come on board.”

He added that he hopes the discussions will expand to include topics such as deepening CARICOM, facilitating trade, and eliminating trade barriers.

The GMSA projects that an actionable document will be produced after the summit, with recommendations for policymakers and leaders that will drive prosperity and ensure a vibrant and thriving manufacturing sector.

During the event, a logo for the summit was also unveiled, which features an open box symbolising the upcoming developments in Guyana’s manufacturing sector that will position the region as a manufacturing powerhouse.