French Senators emphasise strength of diplomatic bond during GDF visit

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
The French Senators and Chief-of-Staff, Brigadier Omar Khan

French Senator Francois Bonneau has emphasised the strength of the diplomatic bond and the shared commitment to fostering bilateral relations, collective regional security and stability, and the promotion of shared values, during a visit to the Guyana Defence Force on Thursday.

Bonneau and Senator Philippe Folliot visited the Head of the Guyana Defence Force, Chief-of-Staff, Brigadier Omar Khan.

Expressing his satisfaction with the existing collaboration, Brigadier Khan highlighted the enduring diplomatic relations between Guyana and France, which were established in 1967, the GDF said in a social media post. The ties between the two nations have flourished over the years, encompassing key areas such as trade and military cooperation, he added.

Khan also extended greetings to the officials who hold pivotal roles in the French Senate overseeing Defence and Foreign Affairs portfolios. The discussions between Brigadier Khan and the Senators centred on the mutual cooperation and support between the two nations, particularly acknowledging the valuable assistance from the French Government.

Senator Francois Bonneau conveyed gratitude for the warm hospitality extended during their visit to Guyana. The GDF said that the interaction serves as a testament to the unwavering partnership between Guyana and France.