Eyewitnesses say truck in fatal Berbice accident was speeding

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Victor Alert and the truck involved in the accident

As police continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the fatal accident involving a Cevon’s Waste Management truck, eyewitnesses are claiming that the lorry was speeding along the roadway.

Victor Alert, 34, of Martin Street Rose Hall Town was last evening killed after the lorry, which was transporting a skip bin, struck him down as he was crossing the road in the town.

According to the police, the Cevon’s Waste Management lorry was being driven by a 47-year-old man of Canefield Settlement, East Canje.

Reports are that motor lorry GZZ 4248 was proceeding west along the Corentyne Highway at Rose Hall Town when it was alleged by the driver that Alert ran across the road from the north going south and into the path of his vehicle.

As a result of the collision, the pedestrian fell onto the road and was picked up by public-spirited citizens in an unconscious condition, placed in a police vehicle and taken to Port Mourant Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The labourer’s brother, Randolph Alert, said he was a short distance away from the accident. He said a canter first sped by, followed closely by the lorry involved in the accident.

“I don’t know if they were racing but is terrible speed this man pass with and I hear something go ‘bram’ and when I go and look, I see that is my brother he knock,” the brother related.

A cousin of the now-dead man, Eon Hooper, said he was standing by the roadside with another cousin when the two vehicles passed.

According to Hooper, his cousin pulled him into the corner and alerted him of the danger as the first lorry passed.

“The next one was behind coming at a rate to…We hear ‘Blbram’ and when I go and watch to see is who, I see is my cousin.”

According to Randolph, after the lorry driver applied his brakes, the vehicle continued to skid on the road, passing four buildings, before crashing into the labourer.

“So it is just speed that man was coming with, speed,” he said.

Police say the driver of the Cevon’s Waste Management lorry has been taken into custody and the vehicle impounded.

The now-dead man’s cousin also claims that the driver offered no assistance to the injured man after the impact.