EYEWITNESS: True colours…


…of the PNC

Remember that saying “nature will out”, from your schooldays? When Jupiter insisted folks can change? Venus disagreed and proved him wrong. Still don’t remember? She changed a cat into a girl who married a hunk of a fella and was as demure as could be. “Ha!” said Jupiter. But as soon as Venus introduced a mouse at the wedding buffet, the girl pounced on it! Nature will out!

Well it does look like the PNC’s nature has taken over, and is pouncing. The essence of the PNC’s rule was their fixed belief that Guyana was theirs to have and to possess (not just “hold”!). “Do wha’ yuh want wid me!” is what they heard as soon as they took control of the state. So you’re upset with all the “thiefin’” going on? The Pharma bond… Jubilee Wood Ants Park… pharma contract… secret oil contract… trips for Minister’s squeezes… jobs for the boys and girls? Why are you fretting? If the state is the PNC’s to begin with — to do with as they want, it’s not REALLY stealing, is it? You can’t steal what’s already yours, can you?

So on to the latest escapade to raise eyebrows — Prezzie using State House to host a PNC event. In this case, to award bursaries for the kids of PNC members. The former AG claims that all the expenses for the actual bursaries were also funded by the state. But we don’t need to even go there, do we? In any government in a modern democracy, there is a strict line drawn between the party and the state.
Why? Well just consider the name “party”. “Part-y”, get it? A political part-y represents a PART of the country – and that’s why they’re said to be “part-isan”. But when that party is elected into government to control the state, it’s supposed to be governing on behalf of ALL Guyanese. To use State House for partisan purposes is especially heinous and eviscerating of democratic standards, since it goes against all that the STATE is supposed to stand for. WE THE PEOPLE…

Now you may say this handing out of awards to kids – albeit PNC kids – is “no big thing”. But that would show you’ve forgotten that other nursery schooldays story. Remember the elephant who begged the fella to allow him to just place his TRUNK into his hut, because it was cold? And before the fella knew what was going on, he was out, and the elephant was IN the hut!!

Do you, dear reader, remember the PNC, under which Prezzie earned his spurs, actually started innocuously with Burnham’s picture on children’s exercise books?
They soon declared their PARAMOUNTCY over the state!

…and the Weinstein syndrome

With actresses coming forward daily to reveal the sexual harassment  (and more) inflicted on them by the boss of Miramax — Weinstein — one of the biggest producers of Hollywood, one wonders what kind of monster he was. But in reality, the problem’s much larger than Weinstein.

What’s being exposed is “sexual harassment” — a term coined only in 1975, even though the activity’s been going on for centuries. It was so “normal” for men to believe they could touch or commit other inappropriate actions towards women there wasn’t even a name for it. Do fishes have a word for “sea”?? And if there isn’t a name, then how do you talk about it? Until a staff at Cornell University sued the institution for employment benefits after she’d resigned because of the behaviour by several male staff. Cornell protested there was no law broken. She may have been ‘asking for it”!!

After she won her case, the use of the term hit a high spot in 1991, when Anita Hill testified against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Hill.
And now.

…for public office

Even though it was pointed out the Secretary of Cabinet and the Defence Board CONSTITUTIONALLY can’t be MPs or Ministers, the PNC-led government SNICKERED, “So what?”

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