Eyewitness: Sowing the wind…and reaping the (PNC) whirlwind

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

It’s interesting how pithy yet so profound so many Biblical sayings are!! Your Eyewitness hopes he doesn’t come off sounding arrogant or anything!! But, after all, those books were written thousands of years ago and they can still hit you square between the eyes!! What does that tell us about mankind?? That we won’t change…or we CAN’T change?? Whatever the answer, that Biblical expression, “Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind” came to your Eyewitness’s mind when he read that Pres Ali committed to convening an INTERNATIONAL CoI to review the 2020 elections!!

Now we know the PNC’s been jumping up and down and screaming bloody murder that the PPP Govt’s unwilling to have the “truth” come out on the elections!! Talk about taking your doody and daubing it on someone else’s bamsie!! Well, they’ll soon be reaping THAT whirlwind!! After the PNC’s case in the Courts was thrown because for the simple threshold matter that service hadn’t been effected on the man in the middle – Granger himself!! – how could the PPP be blamed?? Does the PNC want the PPP to coach the PNC’s battery of newly-minted Senior Counsels how to conduct a simple, elementary matter like “service”?? Jeez!! Hey!! You sow the wind and you reap the whirlwind!! And this time they were blown right out of the Courts!!

Then the PNC Commish in GECOM tried to harass the Chair to use her casting vote to have the Commission conduct a review of the case of the Mingoed Elections. But he knew full well that such a review – which would include assessing the credibility of evidence – is outside the GECOM’s remit!! So why’d he do it?? For the same reason the PNC had agreed for ID cards to allow folks to vote in the 1997 elections!! But when they lost, they ran to the Courts crying that the Constitution doesn’t permit the use of IDs for that purpose!! And the same Claudette Singh – sitting as a Judge – ruled that the election was void!! They want the same thing to happen here!! Well, Claudette didn’t fall for their trick and pointed out their false premise!! No wind planted here!!

And we arrive at President Ali’s Solomonic decision on the International CoI. Here, he’ll be picking individuals who the PNC can’t say are biased – which is what they’ve even done with local Judges who’ve ruled against the PPP! Then Prezzie’ll be setting the terms of reference on what every Guyanese wants to verify – HOW DID MINGO FUDGE THE SOPS??!!The CoI will be able to demand the PNC produce their SoPs – which they claim show them winning!!
They can run…but they can’t hide from the whirlwind!!

…in Ukraine

In politics, one gotta be careful about making very precise predictions. Even for no other reason because of ergodicity in the real world – we can NEVER know all the variables when human beings are concerned!! With, say, colliding atoms, we may – but not with colliding humans – as in the war in Ukraine!! Yet, with all his experience, Pres Biden boasted of driving Russian President Vladimir Putin from power, destroying Russia’s capacity to make war and halving the size of the Russian economy after the latter invaded Ukraine!!

Now everyone concedes your Eyewitness was right – this ain’t gonna happen. Not because your Eyewitness likes Putin or anything – that has absolutely nothing to do with it!! Very brutally, some of Biden’s advisors badly miscalculated the strength of Ukraine’s defenders and the weakness of Russia’s capacities! So, what’ll happen now? Well…what happens in ANY war when one side concedes that they ain’t gonna win – they negotiate. So, we’ll be back to what was offered at the beginning.
Russia’s gonna demand strategic depth!! And get it!

…on “handouts”

The WPA wants to give away the granddaddy of handouts – $1 million annually to every Guyanese family!! So, what happens when the oil runs out in 20 or 30 years and we have no infrastructure or jobs?