Eyewitness: Rumble in the mudflats…

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

…Nomination Day

And the foreplay continues in the PNC! Today’s “Nomination Day” for the supposed elections for the leader of the PNCR. Folks keep reminding your Eyewitness to append that “R” for “Reform” and your Eyewitness just did. Did it change a darn thing? What the heck did the PNC ever reform – save bringing in a few new faces to dilute whoever were the old guards who stood in the way of the new-leader-on-the-block!!? That wasn’t “reform” -just “deform” – as in trying to change the appearance of the PNC without changing its nature. Invariably, the “moderates” brought in as “Reform” wilted!

So, today, party groups will nominate individuals for party leadership – but all eyes will be on the nominees for Party Leader. There’s no question that the three fellas (no felines!) who threw their hats into the ring will be nominated and seconded. But THE BIG QUESTION that’ll be answered is whether Granger’s gonna be drafted at the last moment. After all, he didn’t follow that other General – Sherman of the USA – in giving a definitive position on a possible nomination- “If nominated, I will not run; if elected, I will not serve”!!

But your Eyewitness has already taken the position that Joseph Harmon has the backing and blessing of Granger for the top spot. And he’ll decline if he’s nominated. Observers must know this is the PNC we’re dealing with – and things are never what they seem. After the nominations are over, there’s the main event – the rumble in the mudflats if you will – on Dec 11. And that’s where all the action’s gonna be. Not that today’s “weigh in” won’t be bereft of excitement! There will be the usual braggadocio – hyping the endorsements from party groups each contestant was able to garner.

In this round, Norton has everyone else beaten by light years – they aren’t even in the picture. But as your Eyewitness has been emphasising, it’s all shadow boxing. The next key moment will be the accreditation of delegates who’ll vote for the contestants – and even before that, the selection of the “credentials committee”. It’s gonna be like the lottery – you can’t win if you don’t have a ticket. Here you can’t vote if you aren’t credentialised!! And it’s the party leader and the General Secretary and other incumbent officials – read Team Granger – who control this!!

So, right now, fellas like Norton can huff and puff all they want – but like in 2009 against Volda in the Georgetown elections – and in 2011 against Granger – he ain’t gonna be able to blow the “house fix” down!!
There will be those ex-GDF types strategically positioned to ensure that!! The more things change…

…and Plan B

But like any General who sat through so many courses in strategy – the man never had to implement what he learnt under fire! – Granger will have some Plan B, and even a Plan C. Several scenarios can unfold if, by some stretch of the imagination, Norton beats Harmon for the leadership to become leader of the PNCR. That won’t change a darn thing about who’ll be Opposition Leader – Harmon remains in place. That appointment is made by the Representative OF THE APNU/AFC COALITION’s list – who remains Granger!!

It’s this latter person who also selects MPs to Parliament and such like. The new Leader, Norton, can’t even enter the National Assembly unless Granger allows it!! This, of course, would be the classic illustration of a “Pyrrhic” victory for Norton – the costs would outweigh the victory! Harmon would remain the Leader of the Opposition and an MP sitting in Parliament – while Norton walks around as “Leader” with no input into governance!!
Oh, what a tangled web we weave…

…with recycled troops

Granger showed good tactical awareness by not opposing the return of Vanessa Kissoon into the party. He gains goodwill while knowing that the new female blood he sent to Parliament will defang the Lindener’s bluster!