Eyewitness: Preparing…

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

…fuh Chris’muss

This being Guyana and with the first week of November behind us, most Guyanese will now be getting ready for Chris’muss. This, of course, is very different from observing “Christmas” – the supposed birthday of Jesus. But we know it’s actually a Pagan Holiday that was chewed up, digested and spit out by the Romans as they conquered Europe in the name of the fella they nailed to a cross in the desert of Palestine! Christ Mass. In Guyana that event has become a footnote as Guyanese prepare the way they celebrate everything else – throw a bash, sport, soiree, mash-up, call it what we you want. Once it involves wine, women (men) and song!!

So you say there’s the COVID pandemic? Not to worry – since most Guyanese aren’t worrying as they carry on briskly (if not “smartly!) with their lives like there’s no tomorrow. And clearly they know what this pandemic is all about!! Here today…gone tomorrow! However, for 47% of the population (55% is you believe the line that the PPP was “installed!) the PNC has thrown a spanner into the works. By scheduling their Congress to elect (select? foist? impose?) a leader and HIS (Volda hasn’t put up her hand!) team, the folks that support them are busy arguing and lobbying for their choice. And ignoring the more important question of what color “blinds” are best for that living room window. Or whether the Black Cake needs more rum to “spice” it up so on Chris’muss day they could have their rum and EAT it too!! And still look virtuous!

So no…your Eyewitness wont be distracted like those loyalists and discuss how the race is coming along. Save to note that the “front runner” shouldn’t become too complacent with all those endorsements coming in from in and out of Guyana. For 28 years Jagan uses to boast about all the support he had from his loyal supporters across the country. Wasn’t worth a bucket of warm spit when it came to the real nitty-gritty of getting into office, did it?? And that’s what your Eyewitness fears is gonna happen come Dec 11.

So it looks like our business community will only be getting half of the EARLY sales that Chris’muss usually brings. But, dear reader, did you think that since the voting will be done with by December 11, there’s still plenty time to then move on to the a Chris’muss shopping? Did you forget that this is Guyana: while the VOTE might be over…but the question is “would be COUNTING be over?”!! Remember that happened after March 2nd?
That was brought to you courtesy of the same folks who’ll be running the Congress!!

…for the end of COVID?

The government must’ve known about the 26% drop in COVID deaths in October compared to September when they decided to ease up on the “curfew”. Bars and such places can now be open till the witching hour of midnight. But there’s the danger that with this move, Guyanese – who were never disciplined about observing COVID protocols to begin with – might just let go of even the little inhibition they had.

After all, that 26% drop was from an extremely high figure and still left us with 134 deaths in October! That’s nothing to sneeze at! And by now with the example of so many other locales there’s always the danger of some new strain pummeling us with a deadlier “third wave”! But all in all, we haven’t done too badly compared with our eastern neighbour Suriname. Over there, even though they have only 3/4 of our population, they have suffered 170 deaths and 13,425 cases more than us.
Let’s be thankful for small mercies.

…for electoral reform

To deflect from the GECOM personnel subversion, the PNC will be pushing for a new voters’ list. So let’s hear it from them right now: are they prepared to deny overseas Guyanese citizens their franchise?
C’mon…let’s hear it!!