Eyewitness: Opposition…

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

…disarray in Guyana

There’s no doubt an Opposition’s absolutely necessary in politics. The fella who said “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” didn’t just know politics, but human nature as well. And without an Opposition, any party in power’s gonna be headed down the road to corruption – and abuse of power. We experienced all of that under Burnham, so you’d think the PNC – of all people – wouldn’t have to be reminded. But here they are, pretty much committing political hara-kiri, and leaving the PPP all by their lonesome to do as they please.

Not that the latter have been in office long enough for the corruption rot to set in…but human nature being what it is, we can’t wait for the stuff to hit the fan before getting an effective Opposition in place. What to do?? Well, certainly not what’s being attempted – to resuscitate the dead. That being the state the PNC have now fallen into. They’ll need the Second Coming, and we haven’t even seen John the Baptist doing his opening act!!
Like your Eyewitness said about repairing City Hall, the money would be better spent if the “stakeholders” would rip the whole thing down and build from ground zero. So, we turn to the creation of a new political party to represent the constituency that the PNC are supposed to represent – but just can’t get their act together to do the job. Like all constituencies, those folks basically want from politics security – economic, political, cultural, etc.

The problem with their leaders up to now – all coming from the PNC – is that, rather than focusing on achieving those goals for their followers, they’re more consumed with destroying their political opponents. In a word, they haven’t kept their eyes on the (security) prize. Take the (in)famous twenty-eight years under Burnham, who founded the PNC. Everything he did was just about one-upping Jagan. You’re a communist? Well, so am I, and a better one at that!!

Never mind that even the communists insist that their system can only be successful AFTER capitalism has built up the economy to a point where the spoils can be distributed to their supporters. Burnham thought he was being clever by touting “co-operatives” – which is contrary to every known tenet of human nature. It failed then, and would’ve failed again if Granger had been allowed to “fulfill Burnham’s legacy” – as he promised.
So, all that some bright (he HAS to be bright) young lawyer (has to be a lawyer) from the PNC constituency has to do is to show that he (has to be a “he” also!) can reorient them to get off this co-operative utopian dream.
And start them lusting after money.

…disarray in Venezuela

So, after the storm and fury, the Venezuelan Opposition (the “Government in exile” insists the US and Co!) showed they’re nothing but a damp squib!! They talked so much about Maduro rigging elections that they appeared to’ve fallen for their own BS! So when – under the Mexican-brokered talks – Guaido agreed to participate in the elections for Governors of Venezuela’s 23 states, your Eyewitness figured this was gonna be the beginning of the end for Maduro.

Now, lo and behold! – the Governors’ elections are over, and Maduro’s Chavismos won 20 out of 23!! And Guaido now concedes he has to “rebuild”!! Anyhow, from our perspective, it was always a matter of Tweedledum vs Tweedledee – they’re both committed to seizing our Essequibo. That was the “low hanging fruit” their Mexican meeting plucked!! So, your Eyewitness says, “A plague on both their houses!”

In the meantime, we have to sort out our own territorial disputes in our Foreign Ministry.
Before the ICJ announce their decision in favour of us!!

…to COVID vaccines?

Your Eyewitness wonders what happened to all the PNC-inspired protests against the COVID-19 vaccine requirements to deal with the Government.
Have the rabble-rousers realised that their supporters have more good sense than they?