Eyewitness: Getting it right…

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

…with GECOM

The question, of course, is: Will be EVER get it right with GECOM?? While we may say “never say never”, our history on setting up impartial Elections Commissions isn’t exactly stellar, is it?! But the problem with GECOM is the problem with every other institution in divided Guyana. Cause institutions have to be run by people, and as some wise (and now dead) philosopher said, we’re all created out of “crooked timber”. Whether we like it or not – that’s the “human condition” – exacerbated by our ethnic divisions!

Did we ever think an American President would lie like Trump – after their ideal was George Washington, who couldn’t lie about cutting down that apple tree? But when you come to think of it, Trump just did it more OPENLY than his predecessors!! Surely you don’t still believe that Saddam Hussein had “Weapons of Mass Destruction”?? Anyhow back to GECOM, and its seeming quandary in hiring replacements for Lowenfield, Myers, Mingo (sounds like one of those ambulance-chasing law firms, doesn’t it?!) and company.

Those PNC paragons of impartiality on the Commission – Messrs Alexander, Trotman and Corbin – figure there’s no way the body on which they sit can be impartial! So they’re suggesting that an “impartial panel” be established to make the decisions from the list of applicants for the positions. Sounds reasonable, on the surface, doesn’t it? But remember this is Guyana – where NOTHING is reasonable or simple! The fly in this ointment is – who’ll choose the panel?? The GECOM Commission? Well, they’re biased!! So, we’re back to square one in a sort of infinite regression of selections!!

But Good Golly, Miss Molly, aren’t the Opposition fellas speaking from THEIR truth? So, what’s the big deal? They and the PPP Commissioners were chosen to represent the PNC and PPP respectively, weren’t they? They’re SUPPOSED to be biased – biased towards the point of view of their respective parties!! And isn’t this an illustration of the fundamental principle of seeking the right decision through an adversarial process – like in the courts, for instance? The lawyers for the two sides – read Commissioners – go at each other hammer and tongs – an out of that duel comes JUSTICE!!

But, dear reader, you might say there’s a judge to make the call between the diametrically opposite positions of the two sides. Go to the head of the class!! And in our GECOM scenario, isn’t this the role of the Chair?? Isn’t this why she has the “casting vote”? And more to the point, isn’t this why she was chosen by a process that involved the leaders of the said two sides??

The problem is that the PNC – having chosen Justice Claudette Singh – don’t think they can control her!!

…on borrowing

Looks like the PNC – via its former Minister Winston Jordan – have their bucktas in a knot about the PPP Government’s borrowing. From one angle, you have to sympathise with them. They’ve been scarred by the billions of dollars of debt their “genius” founder-leader had taken. Leaving us OFFICIALLY bankrupt and unable to finance even subsidised wheat purchases from the US PL480 program. We were left literally without bread!!

But a fella like Jordan – who served for donkey’s years under Jagdeo at the Finance Ministry – would know that Jagdeo wiped out that US$2.1 billion debt! And put Guyana in a position where our reserves-to-debt ratio was able to comfortably service rising debt!! The amount of debt a country can handle depends on the size of its economy and its cash flow/reserves to service the debt. We’re NOT any longer the Highly Indebted Poor Country that Burnham left us!!
Like rich people, we can get richer by USING OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY!!

…on male-on-male rape

If you thought having to decide whether 33 was the majority of 65 was ridiculous – and subjected us to ridicule, the CCJ has just been asked to decide on whether a male can rape another male!!
Mama Mia!!