EYEWITNESS: Doubting… Charles

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

Having served his time after being shanghaied to attend Sunday School, your Eyewitness is well aware of the original “Doubting Thomas”. Imagine, the fella was one of the original 12 followers of Jesus, and yet doubted that the latter had been resurrected from the dead. On meeting him, Jesus invited him to touch His wounds, and even push his hands into the open wounds!! The jury is out as to whether Thomas actually pushed his hands, but he was known henceforth as “Doubting Thomas”.

So here we have Van West-Charles “throwing his hat into the ring” for the leadership of the PNC. Not so incidentally, the expression is very apropos, since it came from the 18th century pugilistic fistfights where, if you wanted to challenge the boxer, you “threw your hat into the ring”!! And we know any elections involving the PNC will be pugilistic!!

Charles is claiming that the Party’s General Secretary, Amna Ally, should not be part of the internal election process!! Gasp!! Is he saying that Amna Ally might somehow corrupt the system and cause him to lose the race?

All he could point out was that Amna had attended Joseph Harmon’s announcement that HE was throwing his hat into the ring!! Well, Jeez!! The lady is GS of the party, and if Harmon had invited her to an event – in which ANY party member could compete for the leadership – what was she to do?? The PNC is DEMOCRATIC, isn’t it, Charles?

But is Charles – who was the favoured son-in-law of Burnham during the rigging years, when he was made Minister of Health – suggesting that Amna might pull some levers to cheat him out of his inheritance? And “inheritance” it has to be, cause your Eyewitness doesn’t think Baby Jesus did his cause any good when he jumped ship and left Guyana for PAHO after Burnham passed away. And only returned after Corbin – who’d remained with the APNU in Guyana – was weakened by 2009, to challenge him for leadership. Which he continued into 2011 against Granger, and then switched to the AFC! What’s this?? Leader or nothing, like his father-in-law?

Anyhow coming back to Amna Ally and implications of her fixing elections. After the last General Elections, Amna stoutly defended the PNC’s claims that – like Lazarus – PPP supporters had risen from the dead to vote for them! She insisted that even if one dead voter could be proven, that would vitiate the whole elections! And when the one “dead voter”, whose death certificate was produced by the PNC, turned out not to have voted, she remained adamant the elections were rigged!!

Surely Amna wouldn’t be part of any elections fixing!! Okay “Doubting Charles”?

…”net zero” commitments

As you, dear readers, would know, your Eyewitness is quite skeptical about these commitments being spewed on reducing global warming at COP26. First of all, he’s got a problem starting with the very expression “net zero”. What exactly is that? Why not say, “zero emissions”? And that’s the catch, okay? The prefix “net” means that the country’s gonna be allowed to continue emitting the climate-warming gases like carbon dioxide and methane, BUT, at the same time, show they’re arranging mechanisms to absorb the same gases!!

Sounds like having your cake and eating it too, doesn’t it? And that’s the nub of the problem!

Take the US, which is the biggest cumulative emitter. It doesn’t want to actually reduce emissions – which might mean lowering living standards – so what it will do is pay countries like Guyana, with forests, not to cut them down, and so “suck up” carbon dioxide!! It’s like the guy who’s creating second-hand cancer by smoking paying someone else to inhale!!

You KNOW this ain’t gonna work!!

…peace after CXC

Well, the CXC results are out. And once again, QC topped CSEC and CAPE. But isn’t this the very definition of discrimination?

Send all the best students to Queen’s, and then have them compete against the rest!!