Environmental audit conducted at Kato’s hydro dam site

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
Officers at the hydro dam site in Kato, Region Eight

Compliance Officers from the Public Infrastructure Transportation and Tourism Department at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently conducted an Environmental Audit at Kato’s hydro dam site in the mountainous landscapes of Kato, Region Eight.

According to a brief statement from the EPA, their aim was to evaluate the dam’s impact on the surrounding ecosystem and ensure it aligns with environmental conservation goals.

“The hydro dam is expected to provide renewable electricity for nearby indigenous villages in the future,” the EPA added.

Reports are that the Kato mini hydropower and irrigation project is situated close to the border with Brazil. The hydropower plant will use the water from the Kato waterfalls at the Chiung River close to Kato village to provide about 320 kW of electric power.