Embrace integrity, professional conduct & responsibility – Prison Director to officers

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
Acting Director of Prisons, Nicklon Elliot

In a bid to uphold standards and ensure accountability within Guyana’s correctional facilities, acting Director of Prisons, Nicklon Elliot, embarked on the quarterly muster and inspection at Timehri Prison on Friday last.

This routine evaluation aims to assess the performance of staff members and the overall condition of the facility.

During the gathering, Director Elliot emphasised the critical role of Prison Officers in fostering a culture of responsibility and respect within the institution. He highlighted the importance of officers feeling valued, trusted, and respected, as these sentiments directly influence their interactions with inmates.

Elliot stressed that officers, as frontline representatives, serve as influential role models for prisoners, shaping their attitudes and behaviours.

Moreover, Elliot underscored the necessity for prison officers to uphold a high standard of both professional conduct and personal integrity. He emphasized that adherence to these principles is paramount in realizing the vision of the Prison Service. In no uncertain terms, he warned against misconduct, stating unequivocally that such behaviour would not be tolerated.

The director’s address served as a stern reminder to all staff members of their duty to maintain decorum and uphold the values of the institution. He cautioned that failure to comply with these standards could result in disciplinary action, including dismissal from the service.

As the inspection concluded, Elliot’s message resonated throughout the prison, emphasizing the importance of responsibility, accountability, and professionalism among all staff members.

Recently, Home Affairs Minister, Robeson Benn reminded prison officers stationed at the Prison Headquarters of the important role they play in maintaining law and order.

Benn called on them to balance security and control with humanity and justice in the execution of their duties.

“We must remind ourselves of the mission of the Guyana Prison Service which is to ensure that the prisoners you keep remain in custody and that there are no breakouts and things of that nature, maintaining order, control, discipline and a safe environment for yourself and prisoners is important because when you do that, you are maintaining a safer environment for the entire country, and when you do that, there are benefits … it has very far-reaching effects,” the minister said.

Acknowledging the number of resources available, he further encouraged the Prison Officers to play a meaningful role in helping to reform prisoners and preparing them for return to their communities as positive contributors to the development of society.