ECD junkyard inferno originated from grassfire – GFS

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
The aftermath of the East Coast of Demerara junkyard fire

See full statement from the Guyana Fire Service:

At approximately 13:45 p.m. yesterday afternoon, water tenders #95 from the Melanie fire station and #105 from the Campbellville fire station responded to a fire at a junkyard located at Lot 6 Good Hope, East Coast Demerara.

Involved were a quantity of derelict vehicles and a wooden shed owned by 55-year-old Roshan Ali Sr. of Lot 5552 Regent Bourda, Georgetown.

Following the fire a quantity of derelict vehicles and the wooden shed was destroyed.

The purported cause is a deliberate setting of fire on grass by person(s) unknown, which spread to the derelict vehicles and subsequently ignited the shed.

Two jets working from Light Pump #128 via an open water source, along with two jets working from Water Tenders #85 and #95 tank supplies were used to extinguish the fire.The matter has been handed over to the police for further investigation.

The fire at Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown

Later in the evening, at 18:05 hrs, Water Carrier #11, Land Rover #7, Water Tender #85, and their crews responded to a report of a fire at Lot 1214 Pattensen, Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown.

The structure involved was a two-storey wooden and concrete building owned by 83-year-old Lucille Greene.

The top floor of the building was unoccupied while the bottom floor was occupied by 64-year-old David Williams and 49-year-old Shannon Dover.

As a result of the fire, the building and its contents were destroyed, leaving two (2) persons homeless.

Fire Prevention officials are currently investigating what caused the fire.

Four jets working from WT#85, WC#14, and LR#7 tank supplies were used to extinguish the fire.