East La Penitence man nabbed with guns, ammo; wife in custody

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
The items found on the suspect

Police ranks in Georgetown have arrested a man along with his wife after he was found in possession of several weapons.

The discovery was made sometime around 10:15hrs on Saturday.

Based on reports, the officers were on Anti-Crime Patrol duty in a Police vehicle on Freeman Street, East La Penitence, Georgetown when they observed a man holding an AR rifle in his right hand and a haversack on his back.

On seeing the ranks, the suspect, who later gave his name as John Moore, a 23-year-old unemployed resident of East La Penitence (and an ex-police constable), began to run in a southern direction. He then turned West and ran into his yard, where he quickly took off the haversack from his back, placed the AR rifle into the haversack and threw the haversack into a yard which is owned by a 59-year-old Security Guard.

The ranks gave chase and Moore was eventually apprehended.

The ranks picked up the bag where the AR rifle was found, with a magazine containing 19 live .223 ammunition. There was also one .223 spent shell.

They also found a Glock 9mm pistol with an empty magazine in the haversack. There was also a .32 magazine without ammunition.

The haversack also had Visa and Bank cards from Republic Bank, GBTI, Demerara Bank, and Citizen’s Bank and one National Identification card all in favour of Moore’s reputed wife, Mellissa Lindo, a 21-year-old Businesswoman operating a Boutique at their home address in East La Penitence.

Also in the haversack was one National Identification card of Mellissa’s 45-year-old mother Karen Lindo, a Republic Bank Visa card in favour of Mellissa’s 23-year-old brother Rayon Alves, US$65, one motorcar sensor, one yellow metal chain and one cell phone.

Moore was asked if he had a license to carry the firearms and he said “no”. He was told of the offences committed and cautioned. The firearms, ammunition and magazines found were marked, sealed and lodged and will be taken to the Ballistics section for examination.

The rest of the articles were also lodged. Mellisa was also arrested for questioning. Investigations continue.