Duo travelling in minibus robbed of over $5M cash, other belongings

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

Police in Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara) is investigating an alleged arm robbery committed on two male employees who were relieved of some $5.8million cash and other belongings by two armed bandits.

The incident occurred at Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo on Friday, September 2, 2022 at about 11:30 hours.

Reports are that a 45-year-old male of Leguan, Essequibo River and a 71-year-old male of Wakenaam, Essequibo River are employees of Elite Protection Service located at Leonora, West Coast Demerara.

On Friday, the two employees were respectively paid three million dollars cash, after which they left the office at Leonora and joined a minibus heading in the direction of Parika, EBE.

Sometime after, one of the suspects also joined the bus at Leonora and went into the third seat, while the second suspect joined the bus at Zeelugt, EBE, and went into the front seat of the bus.

One of the suspects requested the driver to go into Clay Brick Road, Tuschen, to collect his grandmother and he offered to pay $2,000 extra.

However, as the driver proceeded to the direction given to him, while in the vicinity of the northern end aback of Clay Brick Road, the suspect who was in the third seat caused the driver to stop and pulled out a handgun. He then robbed the two victims of the monies.

The suspect who was in the front seat also pulled the keys out of the bus’ ignition after which he ran to a motorcycle that was parked a short distance away from the bus. He was joined by the other suspect, and they both subsequently escaped on the said motorcycle.

The victims were also robbed of a Blu cellular phone valued $5000, a Samsung J7 cellular phone valued $30,000, a Grand Prime phone valued $20,000, and one S10 Samsung Galaxy phone valued $60,000.

Investigations are ongoing.