Countrywide distribution of ‘Because we Care’ cash grant begins

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
A parent collecting the “Because We Care” cash grant

The distribution of the government’s ‘Because We Care’ cash grant began on Monday for public and private school children in several regions.

This year, the grant has been increased to $40,000, coupled with a $5,000 uniform voucher, placing over $9 billion in the pockets of parents and school children countrywide.

The Department of Public Information (DPI) caught up with several relieved parents at the Bel Air Primary School in Georgetown, who expressed extreme gratitude to the government for the support.

Father of two, Vicky Nagasar, told DPI that his children will now have all the school supplies they need to prepare them for the new school term.

“The cash grant is a real help to me and my kids. It really helps us a lot. I am happy to have it, and I want to thank the government for doing this, and its contribution to my family, and to the country,” Nagasar expressed.

Another parent, Marvin Bardon, explained that in addition to subsidising uniforms, the cash grant will enable him to purchase a laptop computer for one of his children, who will be writing the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations soon.

“I feel so very grateful. I have four kids, and it is very helpful to all parents,” he revealed.

For Karen Nedd, the grant offers a much-needed boost for parents who are experiencing economic hardships.

She said with these additional funds to subsidise the cost of school supplies, they can divert funds to cover other expenses.

Like Nedd, Shri Persaud also believes that the grant will provide tremendous support to parents facing financial constraints, and he commended the government for the intervention.

“The cash grant is a good thing the government is doing. Helping out parents who can’t afford it, and even parents who could afford it getting some help. They’ll be able to do other things,” he expressed.

Gared Norville was also relieved to receive his cash grant. When asked how the grant will support his son’s education, he said, “I will buy my son’s necessities for school. And the rest, I will put it up for him in case he has any assignments.”

Single mother, Nicola Wong, described the cash grant initiative as a ‘kind gesture’, and said it is a great step forward in enhancing the education sector.

“It definitely will help in getting school items for your children. I must say that I am proud of the government for doing this,” she said.

Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Oneidge Walrond, was on the ground, engaging parents and distributing cash grants.

She said the exercise represents the fulfilment of the government’s commitment to enhancing livelihoods and ensuring every child is able to receive an education.

“What I like about this programme is that it benefits every single child, regardless of where you’re from, your race, class, or creed. Once you are attending school, and you are Guyanese, you are eligible for the cash grant and I think it’s been a tremendous support and a relief to the parents,” she said. [DPI]