Contractor shoots bandit following robbery at Queenstown

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

See full statement from the Guyana Police Force: 

Police are investigating an alleged ‘Robbery under Arms’ committed on a 32-year-old Contractor, which occurred at about 19:45 hrs on Sunday night at the corner of Irving and Forshaw streets in Queenstown, Georgetown.

One of the suspects, Chris Benn, a 29-year-old unemployed resident of South Ruimveldt Garden, was shot and injured by the victim, who is a licensed firearm holder.

Benn was allegedly armed with a knife and, along with another male accomplice on a red and black motorcycle (Registration #CM 1812), rode up to the contractor and relieved him of his cell phone valued at $150,000.

Investigation revealed that on the date, time and place mentioned, the victim, who is a licensed firearm holder of a Glock 19 pistol, was standing next to his vehicle, watching some of his workers fixing a gate in front of a property he owns. At the time, he had his firearm in his right side pants waist, with a Magazine containing seventeen Live 9mm rounds of ammunition.

The two suspects rode up to the Contractor from an eastern direction and stopped a few feet away. Benn, who was the pillion rider, immediately came off the motorcycle with a knife in his right hand and menacingly approached the victim while demanding that he hand over his cell phone.

The victim, who at the time had his cell phone in his right hand, managed to avoid getting stabbed by the attacker. The suspect snatched the victim’s cell phone and turned to go back to the motorcycle. The victim claimed that at this point, the motorcyclist (accomplice) was going to his right side waist, which was bulky.

The contractor said he became afraid for his life, and he drew his licensed firearm and discharged three rounds towards the suspects.

The rider then dropped the motorcycle, and he and the pillion rider attempted to flee the scene, running in a western direction.

Shortly after, the pillion rider (Benn) fell to the ground, and the rider continued to run and made good his escape.

The victim and others (including his workers) then held onto Benn. The cell phone was recovered at the scene, along with the motorcycle and one spent shell (ammunition).

Benn was escorted to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he is receiving medical attention for a gunshot wound he sustained to the middle of his back, which exited the right side of his abdomen.

Several persons were questioned, and statements were taken as investigations continue.