Christmas Messages 2023

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

In true Guyanese spirit, message of love is apt this Christmas – PPP

The season of Yuletide is here, a time when families gather in affectionate embrace, and friends and neighbours warmly share the joy of the season by celebrating in different ways. Our children especially look forward to the treats, the gifts, and of course the special dishes. It is in this spirit, that the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) extends Christmas greetings to all Guyanese and more particularly our brothers and sisters in the Christian Community.

The birth of the Christ child was meant to revive hope, and turn sorrows and mourning into celebration, knowing that the world would no longer be in darkness because that bright star did appear to guide mankind to new hope. In the journey of Jesus’ life from abject poverty and a mere unknown; born in a manger, to a life of becoming an ineffable figure he crossed barriers, broke down walls of prejudice, embraced the outcasts, defended the voiceless, and engaged the powerful and by doing so, he brought salvation to the whole world.

Our wish is that in this season, our elderly, differently-abled, and underprivileged will be especially remembered, and in our caring and sharing, our arms be extended to even the stranger. In the true Guyanese spirit, as a multicultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-religious society, the message of love is apt.

The People’s Progressive Party/Civic joins with all Guyanese in the celebration of the birth of the Christ child while reflecting on its true meaning and significance. Merry Christmas!


Let this Christmas season bring us closer together in spirit of love & care – PNC 

This Christmas season, we in the PNCR and the Parliamentary Opposition extend warm greetings and heartfelt wishes to each and every Guyanese at home and abroad. As we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, let us remember the values of compassion, tolerance, and sharing. Let this Christmas season bring our families, friends, and communities even closer together in the spirit of love and care.

Despite whatever hardships we face, let us remind ourselves that Jesus came on earth to give us love, joy and hope. Let our hearts therefore be filled with warmth, kindness, and generosity. During this season of giving, let us therefore not only exchange gifts from a store but also share the gift of goodwill.

No doubt, many of us in Guyana had hoped to enjoy a happier Christmas this year. No doubt, there should have been more festivity inside and outside our homes. But let us make the most of what we have in the hope of a better tomorrow. Let us give thanks unto the Lord for enduring another year.

In closing, we wish you and your families the very best for the season.  May the spirit of Christmas ignite hope and inspire us to build a bright and prosperous future for all Guyanese.

Merry Christmas to All Guyanese!


We hope warmth & joy of the ‘Prince of Peace’ reign in hearts everywhere – AFC

The Alliance For Change extends Season’s Greetings to all Guyanese, our members, and friends at home and abroad.

Merry Christmas to you and your family. This year has held its unique challenges for Guyanese. We have listened to the concerns of Guyanese whether it was the seller and buyer at Vreed-en-Hoop, Guyanese in the diaspora, or the resident at Imbertero on our western border with Venezuela.

We’ve navigated a year characterized by a high cost of living – our valued public servants salaries have not increased exponentially, and inflation is at an all-time high in the fastest growing economy in the world! Our citizens are eking out a living as the IDB statistics reveal that approximately 50% of Guyanese are living below the poverty line.

The UN report reveals that Guyana leads in child malnutrition across the Caribbean and Latin America, what an irony in oil rich Guyana.

Governance institutions are failing especially in public procurement inequality of contract awards; marginalization is glaring as the gap between the rich and the poor is wider at this time when Guyana is rich in oil resources. It is troubling that Guyana’s resources are mismanaged when prosperity should be afforded to all citizens. And added to those, fears are running high on issues relating to our territorial integrity.

More than ever before the message of the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, resonates: ‘For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders,’ the Holy Bible assures us.

And further, ‘He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.’ We hope the warmth and joy of the ‘Prince of Peace’ reign in the hearts of men everywhere, and that our actions today and the New Year are imbued with His thoughts, purpose, and love towards you and your family.


Reflect on the true essence of Christmas – ERC

The Ethnic Relations Commission, (ERC), extends warm Christmas greetings to all Guyanese, especially our Christian brothers and sisters.

As we celebrate the festive season hallmarked by peace, harmony and goodwill, let us also reflect on the true essence of Christmas; the exultations of selflessness, compassion, and forgiveness as embodied by Christ.

Christmas, as with all religious observances, plays a significant role in promulgating harmony within our multicultural society and has become an enduring tradition celebrated by all Guyanese.

The beautifully decorated homes, the sumptuous meals and cherished gifts that we share with each other are testaments to the unanimity that pervades during this period.

As we embrace each other, let us take this opportunity to help those who are less fortunate to share in the benevolence that characterizes this season.

It is the fervent hope of the Commission that we also continue to spread this generosity, compassion and camaraderie in the forthcoming year.

May we also, in commemorating the birth of Christ, remember our fallen heroes and their legacies which have left an indelible mark in unifying our resolve.

The ERC extends heartfelt wishes to all for a Merry Christmas and a New Year brimming with optimism, kindness and shared blessings.