Chrisean Rock Turns Wrath On Soulja Boy After Winter Fest Mic Cut Incident

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Chrisean Rock got mixed reaction from the crowd on Saturday night after refusing to get off stage following an opening performance before rapper Gucci Mane hit the stage. Almost immediately after she left the show she shared a few words for Soulja Boy who has been beefing with Blueface.

Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane headlined 92Q’s Winter Fest on December 16th, held at the CFG Bank Arena, featuring fellow artists Teejay, Lola Brooke, Coco Jones, and others. Somehow, Rock ended up on the opening act list, although she was not on the flyer for the event.

However, when Rock completed her very short set, she refused to come off, leading to her mic being cut and the lights on stage being turned off. There are reports that Rock brought out her family members on stage and even had kids running up and down during her performance of “MTYB”.

Posting a snippet, she wrote on Instagram, “They played the wrong music and turned off my mic.”

She also shared a snippet of her performing “MYTB”, which seemed offkey, and later a video of her coming up on an elevated stage showing a baby standing on the stage. On Instagram, she wrote,” Aye, watch how my family finna fill this sprinter up. I go on right before Gucci Mane. I see y’all there.”

People on social media, however, claimed that Chrisean Rock refused to end her set at the time it was to end.

“Why would they invite Chrisean Rock on stage?? She was so ghetto and had to be escorted off stage before Gucci Mane came on stage,” one person claimed.

Another added, “Damn just give up Chrisean now they turning the mic and the damn lights off on you. Her music anyway. She need to stick to reality TV.”

There are speculations that Chrisean Rock was not officially a part of the event and just popped up due to someone inviting her.

“My best friend cutie, her mother, the person who was throwing all this sh*t together, so they called me, we got on the phone, alright yea, planned the date…boom on the next flight, sent my music in, all type of sh*t. if it was any other artist, I swear to God they sucking d*ck,” she said in a video posted online.

She later explained that it was her worst nightmare as an artist.

“Basically, I just went through the worst nightmare, an artist’s worst nightmare, for everything to not go right. It wasn’t anybody’s fault. I just feel that when I communicate sh*t, mfkers, I don’t know, the communication should have been enough. Just because I am not Beyonce, or Rihanna or that sh*t happened to them before but they kept performing but God damn it’s just like… I’m just happy that I am successful; if I wasn’t successful, that crowd wouldn’t have lit up, that crowd wouldn’t have been talking back saying word for word, so I’m grateful,” she said on Instagram Story.

Her fans also commented on the incident as they blasted 92Q.

“If anything y’all need rock she sales out everything she do without her most of those people wouldn’t have shown up, put respect on chrisean when she helping yall out,” one fan wrote. Another fan added, “Horrible next time don’t invite her, she is horrible had to cut her mic off, held up the show her tantrums is the worse.”

Meanwhile, despite how her set went, Rock doesn’t seem bothered by it. She, however, revealed that she was in church on Sunday and called out Soulja Boy for mentioning her.

“Aye Soulja Boy you can keep me out the little mix. Y’all need to go to church. That’s y’all muthf**king problem y’all not in church on this fine ole morning,” she said, showing that she was at church cursing about being in Blueface and Soulja Boy’s “group chat”.