Chrisean Rock Files Police Report Against Blueface

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Chrisean Rock says she filed a police report against Blueface after he allegedly broke into her house and trashed it.

The reality TV star went Live yesterday to share that the rapper turned up at her house to fight her brother. Rock was using the bathroom when the incident happened, and it appears that Blueface had already left when she got out of the bathroom. She says that she has since filed a police report against the “Thotiana” rapper.

On the other hand, Blueface says he has had enough of Chrisean Rock and her baby, and he plans to get a restraining order against the pair.

The two are at loggerheads after reports that he called her to his house under the guise of seeing their baby and instead ended up punching her in the face. Photos of blood on Blueface’s hand and in his fingernails have since gone viral.

Blueface standing beside his Corvette

It’s unclear why the pair are beefing again, as Blueface claimed on Thursday that he wants nothing to do with them.

“Finna put a restraining order on her an the dam baby,” he posted on Twitter. “B***h drove to my house talm bout she not leaving till her ride get here this the typa b*tch yall believe fr that don’t even make sense,” He said in another tweet.

Blueface X

It was high drama on Thursday as Chrisean claimed that Blueface invited her to his home to see their son.

“Stop showing up to my house knocking on the door every other day crying talm bout let me in this yo baby,” another tweet said.

The couple fought or had a physical altercation as Rock urged Blueface to show his bloody hands. The rapper’s fingers appeared bloody as he tried to move around so she didn’t catch it on her camera.

On Instagram Live, Rock claimed that Blueface “invited” her to bring his son, and as soon as they arrived, he was “socking” her in the face.

Rock said she called the police, and she managed to snatch his phone and went Live on his phone. She also posted a screenshot of them talking about her bringing the child to see him. The latest falling out comes just weeks after Rock claimed that Blueface might be gay, given that he loves to watch gay porn.

As for Rock, Blueface again claims that Chrisean Jr is not his kid. He claimed the baby belonged to Charles Barkley, Offset, and K Sauve. Rock also came under fire for driving with the child swaddled in a blanket and lying in the car’s back seat. There was no car seat or safety mechanism for the child.