Chrisean Rock Alleges Blueface Punched Her With Her Son In Her Hands

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Chrisean Rock is accusing Blueface of assaulting her after he told her to pull up and bring their son to see him.

Last week, Blueface ruffled feathers online by revealing that he secretly did a DNA test on Chrisean Rock’s son, Chrisean Jr., and the test revealed he is not the child’s father. However, this week, Rock says the Thotiana rapper told her to pull up to his house so he could see his son, but things went left as soon as she arrived.

Hopping on Instagram Live, Chrisean Rock says her ex-boyfriend started putting hands on her the moment she got out the car. “This ni*** invited me to his house to drop his son off, I come while am getting out the car, bro is socking me in my face,” she said.

“Tell me why am gonna pull up on the ni*** Blueface because he wonna act like he wanted to see his son?” she quipped. “This ni*** is socking me in my stomach in my face telling me ‘get out the car.’ I ain’t get out the car because am sitting here like what you on cuz he must be drunk. The ni*** literally be socking me. Am trying to get out the car with his son and he is punching me with his son in my hand like.”

Chrisean Rock went on Instagram Live while she was sitting in her Mercedes-Benze GLE Couple SUV, showing Blueface outside in the driveway videoing while he seemingly told her to leave. Rock alleges that his hands had blood on them as a result of him attacking her. She also said she was going to call the police on him, but it’s unclear if she followed through with that threat.

Blueface later disputed her claims that he asked her to pull up to his house for him to see his child. The rapper shared screenshots of their text message exchange to prove his side of the story.

“Please don’t just pull up anymore this is me tryna communicate that to you and your being unresponsive so ima go about my day,” Blueface said in one message to Chrisean Rock, who shared that she had a dentist appointment.

Blueface also shared a series of messages on Jaidyn Alexis‘ Instagram Story explaining what went down between them. “Imagine a victim continuesly pulling up on their abuser uninvited leaving with no wounds saying they’ve been hit every time they leave with no police report makes no sense clout is running dry so she keeps using me for a moment,” he wrote. The West Coast rapper added in another post, “Next time I see petey it’s on put yah hands up an duck.”

Blueface / IG

Chrisean Rock’s new boyfriend, K Suave, has not responded to Blueface’s claims, nor was he with Rock when she went to her ex-boyfriend’s house. It also appears that she was driving his car at the time of the incident. The former couple has been locked in a bitter back-and-forth that has often spilled over online for the past several months.