Cardi B Calls Out ‘Pickle Shaped’ Hazel E Over Nicki Minaj Comparison

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Cardi B is not pleased with Hazel E falsely claiming that Cardi has claimed to be the best rapper in the world while comparing her work to that of Nicki Minaj.

Hazel E’s Tasha K interview is gaining traction following her discussion of Nicki Minaj and Cardi B’s rivalry. It’s no secret that the women are rivals, even coming close to a fight a couple of years ago.

Still, Cardi B continues to mind her business and put out new music while trying not to pay any mind to trolls who try to start beefs between the two rappers. Minaj herself has tried unsuccessfully to throw words at Cardi and go after Cardi B collaborators like Megan Thee Stallion and Latto earlier this year, but the Bronx rapper did not get involved.

However, Cardi is not one to let a lie slide, and she popped up on Sunday to chide Hazel for lying that she said she was the top female rapper.

In the Tasha K interview, Hazel E shaded Cardi as she used racist and derogatory words to describe Cardi’s heritage.

“When you really like take Nicki [Minaj] who she is, and her body of work and what she did for female rap and you don’t want to give her credit, it’s like I’m not no hating a$$ b*tch so all those Cinderella f**king projects, Spanish a$$, muthaf**king Senorita Cooncita f**king Spanish Latin female rap b**ch talking bout she the top is crazy,” Hazel E said.

Cardi’s fans, however, jumped in to defend her, and the rapper also popped in to ask Hazel E when did she ever claimed to be the top rapper.

“Cardi never said that!!! If you want to talk about her just do that don’t put words in her mouth,” the rapper said.

Cardi B added, “Exactly I never said that! I don’t even know why this woman keep mentioning me, but I guess she has to. Like, look at what they choose to highlight from her whole interview.”

Cardi B also hopped on live as she addressed Hazel E, calling her a “pickle shaped body” and claiming she was getting unnecessary hate from people in general who try to bring her down.

“B**ches don’t like you sometime because you a b**ch competition, or you prolly f***ed the same n**** or y’all got into an exchange. I’m a really powerful b**ch like I be making these b**ches pull they p***y hairs and I don’t even know these hoes, they’re on my mind but I be on theirs,” Cardi B said.

The rapper said that everything about her was enviable, so she understood why women were hating on her because “even in my off-season, b*tch is hot.”