Budget 2024 foundation is built on solid rock – MP Pearson

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
Yvonne Pearson

Member of Parliament and Toshao of Mainstay/Whyaka, Region Two, Yvonne Pearson has indicated that the 2024 fiscal budget is inclusive as the foundation is built with rock-solid policies and programmes.

The MP made the remarks during day two of the 2024 budget debate at the National Assembly at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre, on Tuesday.

“…We already laid the foundation that they attempt to destroy. So, this foundation is of hard cement and not sinking sand. A good mixture and the mixers are the People’s Progressive Party… We are steadfast against all challenges that come before us. We are the People’s Progressive Party. We are strong together and we are preaching a ‘One Guyana’ and the Opposition fails to understand that and they fail to accept what we are doing,” MP Pearson stressed.

Investments have been pumped into the various sectors to develop the villages in the region and across the country to increase economic opportunities and village development. This, she said, has helped to create job opportunities for the villagers.

Residents from the communities are being trained in various technical training programmes such as tractor operation and boating building through the Board of Industrial Training (BIT).

A total of 11 persons from Mainstay/Whyaka who graduated are now licensed tractor operators. Of that, 7 are young women.

The communities are also benefiting tremendously from improved access to education and health as well.

Toshao Pearson emphasised that there is an adequate supply of pharmaceutical drugs and medical supplies at the health post and centre.

Guyana continues to maintain a keen focus on improving agriculture to increase food self-sufficiency in Amerindian communities.

In the Pomeroon area, she underlined that drainage and irrigation (D&I) works were executed to alleviate flooding while providing the farmers with increased access to their farmlands, to increase food production.

“As I speak now, 80 acres of land has already been cleared and cultivated in the village area. We are already discussing with Topco juice company to supply them with thousands of pounds of passion fruit…” MP Pearson further disclosed.

Additionally, the community has already harvested thousands of pounds of pumpkin and other cash crops.

As part of the shade house initiative, Mainstay/Whyaka and other villages are now embarking on the production of high-value crops which include cauliflower, broccoli and carrots.

The member of parliament pointed out, “This is what you call development in the field of agriculture. Never before our villages have moved from subsistence farming. Now, we are in commercial agriculture.”

Cage culture fishing is also being undertaken there. MP Pearson further explained, “Young people are being trained to be part of these projects. They are managing the projects. This is what we call development. This is what we are saying: staying on course. Budget 2024 will help us to build on the foundation.” [DPI]