Blueface, Jaidyn Alexis Sparks Breakup Unfollow Each Other

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It seems Blueface and his fiancée are heading into the new year separate, while Chrisean Rock tries to move on.

Blueface has cleared his Instagram account and removed all traces of Jaidyn Alexis, including their engagement photos, and fans believe that there’s trouble in paradise for the couple.

On Thursday, Blueface removed all of his photos shared on his feed, leaving one of him performing live and another one with his son when he was a toddler. The rapper and Jaidyn Alexis got engaged last month, and shortly after, they revealed that she had signed a multi-million-dollar label deal with Columbia Records following the success of her single “Barbie.”

However, the pair has appeared in several interviews since, and Chrisean Rock claimed that she and Blueface hooked up twice after they got engaged. Blueface was also very handsy with Rock on Thanksgiving night when he visited Rock and his son. Rock also said she asked Blueface if he wanted the “same thing” as her hinting that she asked the rapper to get back together. “Let me know,” she told him.

Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis

In a video Rock shared to her Instagram account, she is seen sitting on the rapper’s lap while he plays a video game. Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, has separately claimed that Jaidyn and Blueface were at odds about him being there for his son.

She also commended Blueface for taking the time to see his son on Thanksgiving Day without caring about what Jaidyn had to say, hinting that the couple were having problems over the addition of Chrisean Jr to his family. The baby was born in early September.

In the meantime, Jaidyn’s Instagram account also revealed that she had removed all photos of her and Blueface from her feed, but they were still following each other.

In the meantime, on X, Blueface is still promoting him and Jaidyn’s upcoming concert on December 21 at the Observatory in Santa Ana, CA.

Jaidyn Alexis/Instagram

In the meantime, Saffold is staying on Jaidyn’s neck as she alleged that when Blueface was in high school, Jaidyn had eaten off the last two pieces of chicken in her house during a period when her family was struggling.

“All I had these two pieces of chicken, some rice and peas and cabbage,” Saffold said as tears streamed down her cheeks. “This mf comes into the house with Jaidyn..I got two pieces of chicken, two thighs, he gon f*** one up I’ll f**k the other one up, ill put some bread on the side with some rice and gravy and peas. This mf ain’t gonna know we ain’t have no money in here… my stomach growling like a mf and this mf comes in talking bout they hungry, so y’all know what I had to do? I ate my mf rice and I watched them b*tches eat that food in my face.”

“Ain’t neither one of them say where your chicken at…and when you ask me why I talk to them the way I talk to them, is because I earned that right and imma keep saying what the f*** I want to say…until one of them sacrifice their piece of chicken for their kids or their mammy,” she added.