Bandits make off with car, $2.2M in valuables while WBD family sleeps

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
The car that was stolen

A family of seven allegedly fell victim to a robbery, losing a car and valuables valued at over $2M on Wednesday morning at their residence in Dairy, La Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara (WBD).

Pretima Khan, one member of this family, in recounted the harrowing experience, said the robbery occurred at some time around 03:00h, while family members were asleep.

Khan recalled that members of the family had secured the home and retired for the night at around 10:00h, but were jolted awake at about 04:00h by a concerned neighbour raising suspicions that something was awry. Upon investigating, Khan discovered that the door to the home had been opened.

Recounting the unsettling moment, she said, “I felt my neighbour come and touch me on my leg, and tell me it looked like we got robbed. Everybody in the house woke up, started looking around, and realized that some of our things were missing.”

Among the items stolen are jewellery belonging to Khan and her husband totalling $800,000, as well as $100,000 in cash. Additionally, her mother’s earrings valued at about $45,000, and $190,000 in cash are reportedly missing. Khan said her brother-in-law’s iPhone, valued at $105,000, is also among the items stolen.

The family suspects the robbers had calculated their approach in executing this crime, and Khan has said, “I believe someone sprayed (us); because the house is wood, and if somebody walks, you can hear it, but we didn’t hear anything. Plus, my brother-in-law’s phone was by his head, they cut the netting and took it out.”

This robbery has been reported at the La Grange Police Station WBD, and Khan has said that law enforcement officers are now actively reviewing CCTV footage and conducting searches for the missing car.

Members of this family are urging anyone with information regarding the robbery or the whereabouts of their car to contact them on (592) 695-4339, or 707-2838, or kindly give the information to the nearest Police station.