Babies with breathing complications medevaced from hinterland to GT

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

Two teams of Guyana Defence Force personnel, working beyond the regular call of duty, successfully conducted two separate medical evacuations to the Georgetown Public Hospital from the hinterland villages of Imbaimadai and Kato, on December 25, 2023.

The patients were an eight-month old baby boy from Kurukubaru, Region 8, and a five-month old baby girl of Imbaimadai, Region 7.

The infants developed difficulty breathing. As a result, subsequent requests were made for them to be transferred to GPHC.

The crews were called on Monday at approximately 13:00 hours, and due to time of day and possible weather challenges, two aircraft were launched to the extract the patients.

Colonel Aziz Nazamudeen and Lieutenant Bibi Hakh piloted the aircraft from Kato, while their colleagues, Lieutenant Shane Jones and Civilian Captain Gavin Harewood, piloted the aircraft from Imbaimadai.

Additionally, the medics that administered care to the infants were Lance Corporal Desmond Pompey and Private Shaffon France, while the driver of the ambulance was Corporal Mark Bernard.