Athletes undergo intense evaluation for 2028 Olympics training

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

More than 200 track and field athletes recently completed a rigorous three-day evaluation to secure coveted spots in the Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sports’ elite training sessions for the 2028 Olympic games.

Conducted by local and four US-based coaches, the evaluation targeted athletes from Regions Four, Six, and Ten, aiming to identify and nurture promising talent.

Successful candidates will receive specialised international training from renowned Olympic coaches and medallists from the United States of America.

One of the athletes, Malachi Austin, speaking with the Department of Public Information (DPI), shared his enthusiasm for the programme, describing it as informative and crucial to his athletic development.

“My experience has been great so far, I have learned a lot of new stuff, a lot of new teachings. The coaches have been great and kind,” he said.

Another athlete, Jelisa Wright praised the initiative’s impact on her development, highlighting the opportunity to showcase skills and receive guidance from experienced coaches.

“My experience so far is so great…We were able to show our skills, meet and greet with other clubs and the coaches are here to assist in getting us prepared with our timings and so forth,” she said.

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Charles Ramson, underscored the government’s commitment to developing local talent, emphasising the initiative’s goal to groom athletes for success on the global stage through mentorship, top-notch facilities, and equipment.

“We are doing this for you…We are building now for the 2028 Olympics. Part of this programme is helping you create that environment so that you can grow and prosper and then create a pathway that will lead you to the 2028 Olympics,” the minister affirmed while speaking to reporters at the Leonora Track and Field Centre recently.

In addition to preparing for the Olympics, athletes will have the opportunity to participate in over 40 international sporting events, including those in Toronto, Canada; Orlando, Florida; and Nassau, Bahamas, among others.

Minister Ramson expressed confidence in the athletes’ potential, stating, “We believe we have gold medallists, silver medallists, bronze medallists for the Olympics 2028 in track and field.

We don’t only believe it by saying it, this is what we are doing, helping you to get connected with some of the best people who have the experience track record, and technical foundation that will help to support that environment where you can grow to achieve that.”

This initiative marks an important advancement in the ministry’s National Sports Academy, established in 2021, which focuses on nurturing emerging talents and fostering a competitive spirit across 12 sports disciplines. [DPI]