After discovering human remains over 3 months ago, men only now inform relatives

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

See full statement from the Guyana Police Force:

At about 09:30hrs this morning, Elroy Roache, a 47-year-old boat captain of Silver City, Wismar Linden went to the Amelia’s Ward Police Outpost and reported that he received information that the human remains, suspected to be that of his elder brother Ray Bryan Roache, age 60, was seen at a broken-down camp in a bushy area.

Ray Bryan Roache was an unemployed resident of Phase Four Squatting Area, Amelia’s Ward.

As a result, an immediate investigation was launched and contact was made with Dwight Forde called Eddie, a 57-year-old Machine Operator from Kwakwani Park, Upper Berbice River.

Dwight Forde told investigators that in July 2023, the construction company he was employed with moved to Phase Four Amelia’s Ward, where they started road construction and the installation of pipelines. After moving into the area, they built a camp and a kitchen. He said there is no potable water in the area, so he had to fetch water from Kara Kara creek regularly, for domestic purposes.

On September 22nd, 2023, while Dwight was conversing with Neil Ashby, a 53-year-old self-employed man from the same area, Dwight told Neil about the water problem that he was experiencing. Neil then told Dwight that there was a creek about half a mile away, where he could access water. Neil then took Dwight to the area and while approaching the creek, they saw an old broken down makehift camp and as they got closer, they saw what appeared to be the remains of a human being.

Dwight made a short video recording with his cellphone and they turned back. Neil told Dwight that he suspected that it was the remains of Ray Roache and he would try to locate Ray’s relatives and inform them.

According to Neil, it was only on yesterday’s date (2024-01-11), that he was able to contact one of Ray’s relatives at Cinderella City and tell her what he had seen more than three months ago on September 22nd, 2023.

Police visited the scene at about 12:00 hrs today, in the company of Dwight Forde and Neil Ashby, who took the ranks to the area.

The area where the remains were found is very ‘bushy’ and is located about half a mile away from the newly constructed Phase Four road. The remains were found under a broken-down camp. It appeared as though the deceased was lying on a cot made of salt bags and sticks and he was dressed in long black pants and a black T-shirt. Next to the remains was a transparent plastic bag containing a BLU cell phone with a charger, a Permanent Disability voucher book for 2022 and a National Identification card bearing the name: Ray Bryan Roache (DOB: 1963-06- 29).

The scene was processed and photographed and the remains were escorted to the Pensioner’s Funeral Home, awaiting a post-mortem examination. The Identification card was shown to Elroy Roache, who identified same to be the property of his brother.

Dwight Forde, Neil Ashley and Elroy Roache are at Mackenzie Police Station assisting with the investigations.

Further investigations are in progress.