$8.5M steel framed prefab homes launched

The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

Hits and Jams Entertainment under its new entity, Steel Buildings Guyana Incorporated, on Thursday launched its steel framed prefab homes.

On display at the launch was the first model of the homes to be constructed which costs some $8.5 million. The flat-house, 600 square-foot model features two fully air-conditioned rooms, one bath, a kitchen and comfortable living room space, as well as a small area for dining.

Hits and Jams Executive Director Kerwin Bollers stated that the company focused on the area of prefab housing on account of the timely construction period it offered which keeps up with Guyana’s demand for houses.

“We know exactly what’s happening as it relates to construction in Guyana and the housing boom…we thought that this particular method of construction is definitely timely, because of the demand for such. We know that in Guyana as it relates to building, persons who have their land titles or transports need to go to new homes they want to get in as fast as possible,” he said.

These prefab homes offered by Steel Buildings Guyana can be constructed in just six weeks.

Hits and Jams Chief Executive Officer Rawle Ferguson stated that the prefab homes was a gift to young people, owing to their affordability.

“Durable, affordable, fashionable in six weeks, this is what we present to Guyana.

“Our dreams at Hits & Jams are always get the young people to be having their own and this model with this system that we have here will get you that, apart from working the different banks and so forth will get you your home,” Ferguson highlighted.

The model on display and the common model of the homes are constructed out of three-and-a-half-inch galvanised steel frames. All the materials used on internal and external parts of the home are non-combustible, which lowers the risk of losing the entire home to a fire. The homes can also be fitted with any modern architectural finishes.

Construction of these homes will be done in collaboration with a Barbadian company which has brought in naturalised Guyanese who will teach the local Guyanese team to put together the prefab structures.

Attending the launch were Housing and Water Minister Collin Croal and Minister within the Housing and Water Ministry, Susan Rodrigues.Croal explained that the Government could not supply the current demand for homes in Guyana, with the Ministry distributing close to 15,000 house lots within the last two years.

“This spark new life into the sector, you have a Government that recognises the demand for this sector and we know that we can’t respond to the demands alone; we need support, we need investors in this sector and hence you have the partnership of these young entrepreneurs today,” he said.

The Minister noted that the non-traditional homes that were now being added to Guyana’s market were important for the future development of the country.

“The investment that is being made here as part of the housing drive, this venture that the team is embarking on is an indication of the rapidly-changing dynamics in the housing programme, because here you are witnessing a team of local entrepreneurs who are responding to the new demands for housing options,” he highlighted.

Meanwhile, Minister Rodrigues added that the Government was laser-focused on Guyanese home ownership, which the launch of these affordable prefab homes would promote.

“We are not satisfied by merely delivering house lots to our people but ensuring that we can put them in a home, ensuring that we create the right climate, that we create the investment climate and that we create the opportunities for people to be able to afford their own home.

“We want to ensure that we provide all of the opportunities and the right investment climate for people to do things like this, so not just dependent on the Ministry’s housing programme or the models that we have in the Ministry in terms of the housing models, but to give people more affordable options,” Minister Rodrigues said.